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Aoki x Shinoda - "Darker Than Blood" Live on May 16th?


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From Billboard.com:


"Steve Aoki in conjunction with Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City of Los Angeles and Dim Mak Records today announced "LAoki," a free concert to be held in downtown L.A. on Saturday, May 16."



"I wanted to do something big, not just the shows I always do, but something that gives back to Los Angeles, the city that raised me and built my career," Aoki, 37, told Billboard. "The Mayor and I thought it was a good idea to do something with community service that's on the streets of downtown LA. So it's more than just a show. "


When asked if we can expect appearances at LAoki from any of his collaborators present or past (which includes Waka Flocka Flame, Fall Out Boy, will.i.am, Machine Gun Kelly among many others) or artists from his Dim Mak label (which has put out recordings by the Gossip, the Bloc Party and the Kills), Aoki will only say, "I don't want to say any names yet but I'm hitting up all the people I've worked with."


Chester and Mike have joined Steve Aoki three times to perform 'A Light That Never Comes' live, all in 2013. However, Chester will be in Camden, NJ at MMRB*Q* with Stone Temple Pilots on May 16th. Mike will likely still be in Los Angeles, since Linkin Park doesn't play Rock on the Range until the next day on May 17th. Either way, you can bet he'll get a phone call from Steve Aoki.


Tickets are free and this could possibly be the first performance of 'Darker Than Blood' with a Linkin Park band member.

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It makes perfect sense if you use Chester's vocals with a live performance from Mike.

Perhaps for ALTNC with Mike actually rapping on that song...still makes no sense for DTB because he never sings by himself on that one, he's either doubling or harmonizing with Chester the whole time. The appearance would be completely wasted, people would probably just think he's lip syncing (which he might as well be at that point...).

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