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2014.11.09 - Oberhausen, Germany


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I'm back with the preshow posts - let's make this one epic!


Linkin Park is storming through their European Tour, crushing every show they play! On November 9th, the band will be performing in Oberhausen, Germany at the König-Pilsener-ARENA for the first time. This will be the third out of nine German shows booked for the tour!


At the previous show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the band held the 12th LPU Summit, at which LPU members with passes entered the venue early to go through a bunch of fun events with the band, including a signing session, a Q&A, and a soundcheck. While the soundcheck was shorter then previous ones (London 2010, Chicago 2011, Cape Town 2012, Auckland 2013, and Chep Lap Kok 2013), it was definitely eventful. To get it started, the band performed a reggae version of 'Burn It Down' featuring a faster tempo and a different beat. This was the second performance of the reggae version, the first coming at a KROQ Rehearsal in August 2013, so it is cool to see it appear again over a year later.


The surprises didn't end there - the band performed a full run through of 'A Place For My Head' for fans as well! Given that the band will be performing nine shows in Germany this tour, fans are bound to attend multiple shows. Will 'A Place For My Head' be tossed into the mix at some point to keep the fans interested? LPU XIV is exclusively debuting in Berlin earlier in the day before it's global launch at the brand new Linkin Park Pop-up store. Be sure to keep your heads up for more LPU news as LPU XIV is sure to launch soon. The next summit is rumored to be held in Calgary, Canada in February.



Let's talk about the actual show - one of the more interesting ones that have happened this year! The band performed a relatively standard version of Set A, with some fun changes spread throughout. First off, Mike changed up his medley for the first time since 2014.09.05 Woodlands, TX (where he rapped a verse of 'When They Come For Me') by rapping his verse from the Nick Catchdubs remix of 'Skin To Bone' from Recharged, the first time he's done that verse since 2014.08.09 West Palm Beach, FL.


The fun didn't stop there - to end the main set, Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men came out to perform 'Faint' with the band! This is the second time he's done so, the first time being earlier this year on the 2014.09.15 Los Angeles, CA date on the Carnivores Tour! Lastly, as far as changes go, Mike fulfilled a request by an LPLive member at the summit and rapped the old Xero song, 'Reading My Eyes' acapella style before 'Bleed It Out'!


We can expect a bunch of these little changes in the set to keep happening: one that's rumored to happen is 'Forgotten' over the 'Until It's Gone' transition intro, as requested by LPLive member LilMike earlier in Stuttgart, where the intro ended up being messed up (presumably because Mike tried to think of a way to incorporate the verse off the top of his head!). Looks like he'd forgotten what to do! Sorry, I'll show myself out...


Check out this performance of the 'Reading My Eyes' verse one into 'Bleed It Out'! This is the first time Mike has performed the verse of 'Reading My Eyes' in such a fashion (with it directly going into the start of Bleed It Out). Would you like to see it be done more frequently on this tour?


Let's talk about the other band joining the band on this tour: Of Mice & Men! The band has been performing an eight song setlist before Linkin Park takes the stage, opening with new songs off of their latest release, Restoring Force, including 'Public Service Announcement', 'Feels Like Forever', 'Bones Exposed', and 'Would You Still Be There'. The band is performing a new song entitled 'Identity Disorder' from the new album for the first time ever. The band included a song from a past release, The Flood: 'The Depths' near the end of the set before closing out big with 'You're Not Alone'. Of Mice & Men will be joining the band on tour again in January and February for their Winter North American Tour, along with Rise Against. Who's excited to see them live?!


After this show, the band continues on to Hamburg, then Leipzig. Given that the band is keeping a consistent rotation on this tour, we can expect Set B to be performed tonight. If you haven't been able to see Linkin Park on tour yet, don't worry - a bunch of tour rumors have started popping up, including shows in Asia (India and China included), Europe, and South America. Keep your eyes peeled on the site for news on LPU XIV (which is right around the corner!) and more Linkin Park news. For updates, check back here or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.

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can somebody request Mike in the next m and g to do Points of authority / There the go , its been ages . comon Mike ! :D


Since they're not really doing the POA Jam Outro I don't think that's something that he would do. However, maybe over his Solo Medley. He's also been requested to do a Forgotten verse over the UIG Transition (he tried in Stuttgart but it kinda messed the whole thing up because he didn't really know how :P)

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Set A, Mike thanked the fans for the MTV EMA award win before BIO. Chester had the crowd sing happy bday to his daughter. New Divide bridge samples messed up.

Yeah New Divide was screwed up, like something was stuck before the bridge. There was something wrong with the samples at the beginning of Rebellion and the ending of Robot Boy was really off too.


The birthday song happened when Chester came out first for the encore (seems to be a thing they do now). Bleed It Out had no Catalyst, just the normal singalong.


I'm not sure if it was mentioned in this thread but they tested the 4k filming for Berlin at this show, that's why they changed it to Set A.


I don't think I'll ever return to this place for a show again. I didn't like it. We had to wait an extra hour to be let in for MFR, when we when outside to sell raffles it was a huge hassle to get back and it was probably the worst booth I've ever witnessed. They put us in the last corner of the venue with almost no space for our booth. So only people bringing their stuff to the wardrobe would see us. We had only one small table with the Saramba table right next to it. The raffle was a complete disaster.


The show was pretty unique for LP though. The band is in great shape, I hope it stays that way.

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