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2014.10.24 - Los Angeles, CA - Guitar Center Sessions


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Was Castle of Glass played with the speeches? That would be a first for Brad, but nothing else special.


yes, hopefully they don't cut it from the broadcast.

Updated the main post with setlist. Don't know if anything of interest happened.


Chester and Mike had some banter about how they bought their first Mic and other gear at guitar center, I'm sure they'll air this part it's towards the end of the set.


On a personal note. I got baptized by Mike finally lol.

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Watching the HD version of this finally. The credits say Ethan mixed it. Chester's vocals are really high pitched...I wonder if the band wanted him to mix it like that or he just deliberately changed it. It sounds almost fake with how different the vocals sound. Another way to tell Ethan mixed it is how he does POA (drums and samples specifically) compared to DSPs.

Listening to the guitar parts on OSC, it seems the whole show is actually higher pitched. Terrible mix.

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