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Submit questions for a Grey Daze interview!


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Our friends at linkinparkbr.com has recently been able to setup an interview with Grey Daze bass player Mace Bayers and Lockout director Marc Ostrick, and he wants YOU to submit the questions! You have two weeks to submit your questions, and have a shot of having your question getting answered by these two gentlemen.


Submit your questions at linkinparkbr.com - it's fine if you post in English. Hopefully we'll get some great answers!

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The only thing I could think to ask Marc is for a general description of the footage he has (total run time, whether or not he filmed a live performance as well like has been speculated, how much rehearsal footage he has, etc.), and what ever became of the "Lockout" program the footage was originally intended for.

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I'm pretty sure everything there is about Grey Daze has been asked and is covered by the "Grey Daze Story". I honestly think those kind of interviews are always super awkward anyway when you only ask a musician about stuff that happened like 20 years ago.


I think the only stuff that would we really need to know from Marc is, is what Astat already suggested. Like I pointed out above this one is a little awkard as well if you ask someone like him only about a project he did 15 years ago lol. Questions about current projects always seem so forced. Anyways, I hope that he reveals some details even though I have my doubts about that.

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