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Linkin Park to Return to Mexico?


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After the Carnivores Tour was announced, the reaction across the world was really huge, with fans requesting the tour in Europe, Latin America, South America and more. #CarnivoresTourInMexico is one of the hashtags that really took off and was trending recently in Mexico, home to a very passionate and hardcore Linkin Park fanbase.


Hybrid Soldiers Mexico has started a huge campaign to get the tour brought to Mexico and Warner Mexico has even joined in. The Warner account has started tweeting the hashtag and dropping hints about the tour. Will LP take it to Mexico?


The band's first shows since 2002 (when they opened for Korn) in Mexico took place just after the 2012 Honda Civic Tour, over ten years later. They headlined Monterrey (for MTV World Stage + their first headlining show in the country ever) and Mexico City and completely packed out both shows....with arguably the best 'A Place For My Head' of the LIVING THINGS touring cycle happening in Monterrey:


On the Carnivores Tour, there is a five day gap between Clarkston, MI and Woodlands, TX... Could the band return for two shows in Mexico again? Or if the touring cycle ends up being similar to what they did for LIVING THINGS, could they possibly tack on a few shows in Mexico at the end of the tour before they head to South America?


For LP news in Mexico...follow Linkin Park Mexico and Hybrid Soldiers!

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if we think about the last touring cycle, two things are already happening: European Festivals > North American Tour

then maybe we can get: Mexico > South America...

I saw some rumors about LP going back to Argentina in October.

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I just screamed like Chaz did in APFMH here in MONTERREY BEST NEWS EVER since MONTERREY LOL!!!


Yeah I helped that campaign thanks god that it's working! I would join Leto's karaoke party, I would do anything i just want them back!

If they really come back this time i will retire from LPL for a while i don't want to know their set!


I was the first one to pray for this lol when I read about the 5 days gap, also LP loved us.


Can't wait for the confirmation and thanks for saying that about APFMH it was really really epic!

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