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Linkin Park Is Arizona's Favourite Band


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Taken from the Time Newsfeed: http://newsfeed.time.com/2014/02/25/here-i...-favorite-band/


The Echo Nest provides a music intelligence platform to hugely popular services like Rdio, Spotify and MTV, so they have a ton of data on what people across America like to listen to. By digging into this well of information they were able to discern what states listen to specific bands more than other states and created a map that displays that data.


Most interestingly for our little community, Linkin Park are apparently most popular in Arizona. Because of the Chester connection, perhaps? Anyway, here's the full map:


Posted Image

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LOL Neil Young is apparently the most popular band in my state. I guess it could be true, because I know a lot of people that live here that DO love Neil Young. As for Arizona, that's awesome. It might be because of the Chester connection, who knows.

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Florida's is Rick Ross jesus christ lmao


Arizona, Kentucky and North Dakota know some good music.

Not trying to be offensive, but Florida has a lot of weird/crazy girls that probably go around bumping that type of music.

And yeah, Arizona actually does have good taste in music! Living here the past two years, I can confirm that!

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This particular map wasn't "who is the state's favorite artist". It's more a question of which artist has the most notable statistical deviation from the the mean. Which means that compared to a lot of states, Arizonans listen to a lot more Linkin Park than usual. But Linkin Park isn't the most popular band/artist in the state.

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