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LPTV - Concert For The Philippines


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CONCERT FOR THE PHILIPPINES will air on AXS TV on Saturday, February 15th at 8 pm EST / 5pm PST.

Following the televised broadcast the concert will also be available on demand starting at 6PM PST on the Music For Relief YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/MusicForRelief
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Disappointing episode. Too short and half of it was stuff we have already seen.


The part at rehearsals was good but not very in depth. Makes me think that Einziger's addition was just a sudden thing, because he didn't seem to be rehearsing, which could explain why he was playing a bit off-key at the live show.


The good thing is that this was just about a month ago, so this got out faster (probably because it was 5 days worth of footage rather than a multi-week tour). This must mean that the next LPTV is going to be in-studio or at least pertaining to the next album.


Also, in case not everyone has seen it yet, the concert has been posted to Music For Relief's Youtube channel as of a few days ago.

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I see me a good 2-3x in this video.


Einziger was definitely a last minute deal. I watched the whole soundcheck. I'm not sure he had even heard What I've Done before the rehearsal. He is nasty, though. Shinoda demanding Castle of Glass being played 9x or something with the Heart girls just proved how much of a disaster it was. Sounds terrible in this video, sounded terrible each time they rehearsed, and sounded terrible during the show. You can tell Shinoda is like "Thank God this is over" right after the song is played.


This is definitely one of the more interesting shows I have seen and been a part of. Nowhere near top of the list though, although it was intimate as hell. It was cool helping out with Machine Shop and Warner Bros/LP people for most of the night from MFR booth, ticket envelope booth, VIP room, etc.

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Perhaps it was uploaded and then immediately set to unlisted/private, ahead of it being made public after the concert is televised tonight.

What he said, i know i'm not crazy! It was on MFR's YT page briefly but not today. I was going to link it when it was posted but I was on my ipad and had to go to work

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The video is on Music For Relief's channel:


It wasn't a great show and the guests made the songs a little weird.

Nevertheless What I've Done and In The End sounded great with two guitars!


PS: Chester wrists tattoos are different! <_<

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