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Beta State Wins LPU Sessions


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Way back in June 2011, Mike posted a video and an article on his blog (read it here) about a band from San Francisco, CA named Beta State. This band approached Chester at the Mountain View, CA BFD 2011 show (show page here) and handed him an iPod Touch with their music and videos already loaded on it. Mike wrote about the experience on his blog and the band gained some attention from the Linkin Park community because of it.


Fast forward to present day. Beta State apparently took it upon themselves to enter a song ('When I'm Too Weak To Know') in the LPU Sessions contest. Winners were announced today and along with Ryan Giles, Beta State has won the contest!



"Beyond sharing our music and art with the LP community at large, we relish opportunities to empower our fans to share their many talents with us. We’re excited to announce we will continue that tradition through the LPU Sessions, a one of a kind collaborative music-making project," says LP guitarist Brad Delson.


Beta State has won themselves an opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to record with Linkin Park in early October, just after the end of the Stone Temple Pilots tour. It seems that their hard work has really paid off. Our friend Kathy, who was at the Mountain View show in 2011, added, "I was camping out on the lawn when this person with a big Beta State sign with their name, their showtime and their neat feathered elephant-thing came walking out around the venue. It just got my attention so well that I wanted to check them out. They absolutely know what they're doing, and stuff like that shows it. You’re more believable as a band when you look like you know what you're doing."


Check the band's website out here and their Twitter page

here. Congratulations to Beta State and we hope to hear the song you work on with Linkin Park on the upcoming LPU 13 album!

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wow, look how far they've come. good for them. even though I never really liked most of their stuff when they became Beta State (ex-Strata) after their inicial singer Eric (now 1/2 of The Limousines) left.

Still, great work! You guys should check out "Strata Presents: The End Of The World". One of my favorite albums of all time for sure.

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