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Reliving Things (+ 'ROADS UNTRAVELED')


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If you haven't already seen it in June, LPA released a remix album from community members entitled "Reliving Things".


Included are twelve remixes of songs from LIVING THINGS, as well as two bonus tracks. Prominent remixers in the community such as zwieR.Z. and Xefuzion are featured on this reinterpretation of the latest studio offering by Linkin Park. LPA announced yesterday that the album has now reached over 5,000 downloads, which is pretty outstanding!


Recently, LPL/LPA members Astat (who has mastered the guitar work of Linkin Park) and Reflectionist (who has been remixing Linkin Park material for quite a few years, as well as playing drums) decided to work on a remix of 'ROADS UNTRAVELED' together. The final product is now complete and has been released today as a bonus track to LPA's "Reliving Things" album.


Here is the post on LPA with the final remix, including a download link. Listen to it on Soundcloud here. If you'd like to download "Reliving Things" in full, click here.


Nice job guys!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Clearly the best remix of RU (if not any LP song) out there. I remember hearing it about a month ago and waiting tirelessly for the release. Amazing job guys. You should do more stuff together.

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Whoa, thanks for the thread, Hahninator!


You guys are all awesome, thank you so much for the compliments!


And yeah, I think you guys might hear more collaborations from Astat and I. It's entirely possible. But shhhh... haha.


Reflectionist (who has been remixing Linkin Park material for quite a few years, as well as playing drums)

An embarrassingly long time, considering how much further I know I can go. Almost eleven years, now. Same with percussion, not just drums. I'm actually a percussion major at a local-ish college in Southwest Missouri.

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I don't have any issues with Minutes to Midnight, but the project Astat and I are working on is more about "updating" old songs via remixed covers in ways that reflect how Linkin Park has matured over the years--while also incorporating elements from bands that influence the both of us. It's a long way off, honestly, because Astat is working on some original projects of his own--he can tell you more about those, but I'm really looking forward to them--so I couldn't ask him to devote the time for the guitar parts to 6 or 7 songs right off the bat. Yeah, there'll be some Xero tracks--like Reading My Eyes and one other, but pretty much anything worked on between 1996 and 2001 is fair game.


I know that's a weird answer, Geki, but we aren't really thinking about doing any Minutes tracks right now.


I'm also working on a couple of projects in the meantime. In January of 2012, I released my first album, Entropy, comprised of 6 original works. Right now I'm up to my nipples in work on the follow-up to that. There's also a secret project I'm involved with that I can't tell you anything about. And then I'm using most of my spare time to work on my LP Mash-Up album, Identity Crisis, which you can check out progress here.

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