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  1. I'm having a tough time embedding quotes, mainly because of the fact that I'm using a tablet. I have become the grandpa of LPL... But I feel I'm in the minority for enjoying COG Experience, Joe Solo, and Mike's Solo. But maybe that's because my only experience for THP in the live spectrum was Carnivores. Even with the 2 Honda Civic shows I caught within a week of each other were vastly different. I'm surprised another LT song hasn't been hybridized with its Recharged counterpart. I look at COG Experience as the P5hing Me Aw*y of 2014/2015. I actually asked Mike if he considered expanding on the solo at the M&G last summer beyond RTN and HHH (I even mentioned Step Up and Nobody's Listening) and he said it's really dependent on what he feels and what fits (just like POA 2007-2009). So while I feel those spots in the sets are special and serve their purpose in making THP's tour unique, a little variance of those components never hurts. Rob did a different drum solo with BIO for PR08 after introducing it at PR07, who knows how/if LP will switch those aforementioned things up?
  2. First off, hello again! It's been a minute. I feel like I haven't really had much to contribute in the way of useful insight to the LP internet community because I literally joined LPU the summer before 6th grade. Just imagine the kinds of ignorant things an 11 year old would say on the internet...makes me cringe just thinking about it. Anyways, most post-show threads consist of rants about how stagnant people perceive LP's setlists to be. I think most neglect to realize is that with every setlist (THP especially) is that they're making a conscious effort to represent everything they've professionally and publicly released (before anyone says that they aren't playing And One or QWERTY). It could be a lot worse, fellas. We could be getting setlists of only singles. We could be getting OSC and ITE as the only HT songs. Give it time, everybody. Even if it means KTTK and MTG get played on the touring cycle for Album #7. The songs and band aren't going anywhere. *Side-note, a new ballad medley could be cool. TLTGYA/Roads Untraveled/ETR/My December, anyone?
  3. That's a pretty bad first name, imo. Sounds like a metaphor for a vagina.
  4. It's also a Monday, when bands typically announce things. It's just also a bad coincidence.
  5. The headliner is announced on 4/1. It's LP, because Maroon 5 isn't going to announce a new US tour while they still have one going on.
  6. Remember when people were totally trashing on the 2013 setlists? Glad I remain optimistic and faithful to my favorite band without throwing bitch fits.
  7. Every album since the other has been an evolution in one way or another (musical, stylistic, artistic, lyrical). Case closed. Mall soundtrack should be cool too.
  8. They put out some albums. "Minutes to Midnight", "A Thousand Suns", and "Living Things". You might've heard of them?
  9. These are always fun #1 1. Don't Stay (Gacela intro) 2. Lost In The Echo 3. From The Inside (ext. intro) 4. Victimized/QWERTY 5. Given Up (ext. outro) 6. Lying From You 7. Papercut (ext. intro) 8. Point of Authority 9. Waiting For The End (Apaches intro, Nobody's Listening rapped over the intro, ext. outro) 10. Breaking The Habit 11. Easier to Run 12. P5hng Me Aw*y 13. Numb 14. The Little Things Give You Away 15. The Catalyst 16. In The End 17. Bleed It Out (PR07-style, but with a bunch of extended shit) 18. Faint (outro) -Encore1- 19. Crawling (Krwling intro) 20. What I've Done -Encore2- 21. A Place For My Head (2012 intro, ext bridge) 22. One Step Closer (ext. bridge, ext. outro) (27% is HT, 31% is Meteora, 18% is MTM, 9% is ATS, 9% is LT, 4% is Reanimation) #2 1. The Requiem 2. The Radiance 3. New Divide 4. With You (2012 intro) 5. No More Sorrow (ext. intro) 6. Lying From You 7. Figure 09 (ext. outro) 8. From The Inside (ext. intro) 9. Step Up (ext outro, Standing In The Middle rapped over the outro) 10. Numb (new intro, fade in from Step Up) 11. Lost In The Echo (2012 intro) 12. In My Remains 13. Burn It Down 14. Breaking The Habit 15. In The End 16. Faint (ext. outro) 17. Bleed It Out (extensions, solos, outro, etc) -Encore- 18. Wake 19. Given Up 20. Points of Authority 21. Papercut 22. One Step Closer (ext. bridge, ext. outro) (22% is HT, 27% is Meteora, 18% is MTM, 9% is ATS, 13% is LT, 4% is New Divide, 4% is HTEP) #3 1. With You (Game of Thrones intro) 2. Runaway 3. Given Up 4. Somewhere I Belong 5. Waiting For The End (Apaches intro, "In Stereo" over the intro, ext. outro) 6. Pushing Me Away 7. In My Remains 8. In Pieces 9. Shadow of the Day 10. Numb 11. My December (2008 piano version) 12. Breaking the Habit 13. The Radiance 14. Easier To Run 15. Valentine's Day 16. What I've Done (2008 long intro) 17. In The End 18. The Catalyst 19. Bleed It Out (extensions, solos, outro, etc) -Encore- 20. Tinfoil 21. Powerless 22. Faint 23. One Step Closer (ext. bridge, ext. outro) (26% is HT, 21% is Meteora, 26% is MTM, 13% is ATS, 13% is LT) #4 1. What I've Done (2008 long intro) 2. From The Inside (ext. intro) 3. Reading My Eyes 4. Points of Authority 5. Wretches and Kings 6. Figure 09 7. Lying From You 8. Somewhere I Belong 9. With You (2012 intro) 10. Given Up 11. New Divide 12. Powerless (new intro) 13. Numb 14. Crawling 15. Burn It Down 16. Lost In The Echo (2012 intro) 17. In The End 18. A Place For My Head (ext. bridge) 19. Faint 20. Bleed It Out (extensions, solos, outro, etc) -Encore- 21. By Myself (2003 intro) 22. Papercut 23. One Step Closer (ext. bridge, ext. outro) (34% is HT, 26% is Meteora, 13% is MTM, 4% is ATS, 13% is LT, 4% is New Divide, 4% is Xero 4 track) Damn
  10. Other than the band stating on numerous occasions that they prefer to tour less, there's also the factor that they also have families. Although we are fairly well-informed whenever Chester has another kid on the way, the other guys are very quiet about their family lives. There's always that.
  11. That's why I liked the Best Buy Theater 2010 show so much! I hopped on a train from school to NYC, met up with my dad, ate Bubba Gump shrimp, hung out with LPxDC (who is legitimately my show-bro, he and I have seen big bands like LP, Slipknot, and Korn to small local bands and he even saw my band play to 12 people in a club), totally felt the adrenaline from the band, shook Mike and Chester's hands (don't take that for granted, ever), and stayed in a nice hotel. The setlist literally did not matter at that point, I got to see LP up-close-and-personal. The past 3 LP shows I've seen have been nothing short of personal interaction with the fans. I was very fortunate to have meet & greets, the Summit, high-fiving Chester during Numb at the Bristow show, Rob pointing at me, etc. I'm astounded that everyone else seems to feel they've gotten the short end of the stick with LP shows. I've had amazing shows at every one since I was 13.
  12. >"Describe your perfect man: someone who inspires me to be a better woman" >Gets back with Chris Brown
  13. Not to mention, LP went on right after Marilyn Manson. Hell, my band could go on right after MM and get a better reception!
  14. Slayer played before LP at Download 2007 too.
  15. Oh, don't get me wrong, the hardcore fan in me would love the set you listed, I was just going off what would most likely be a safe set that the band could pull. Of course, they haven't played a single show yet this year, so anything could happen!
  16. This makes perfect sense. I think the only thing that really surprises and sticks out at me is the fact that LP is going to be playing when it's still light out. As far as the clash between Metallica and Blink/Offspring, it's quite apparent that this festival is mainly comprised of metal and pop-punk bands. Not a lot of people like both. Personally, I love Metallica, Blink, and The Offspring. If I went to this, I'd go all the days and see LP every day, while sorting through which of the other bands I choose to see. I do hope LP strategically writes an energetic set for this, something like: LITE Faint ND GU Victimized/QWERTY Papercut/LFY WY SIB LGM POA WFTE (UIB intro) BTH The Catalyst Numb WID BID ITE BIO OSC We can hope all day that APFMH, Figure 09, etc gets added, but this is what it'll most likely be. COG and the Medley should be excluded in order to keep energy up. IMR, WTCFM, Blackout, and maybe Powerless would most likely be cycled in.
  17. I wasn't there, so I'm not going to jump on how "LP didn't play this, blah, blah, blah" but they missed a huge opportunity to whip out "My December"!
  18. By the way, Jim told my group at the Summit that the Monterrey stage set up will be different and exclusive to this show!
  19. Here's to hoping for some sort of duet between Chester and Corey!
  20. I got meet & greet! Fingers crossed for a backstage tour!
  21. The new synth/sample layer in the verses to With You are so sick! One complaint (something I've noticed for a while as a drummer) is that I miss the "pop" that Rob would get on his snare! Do some rimshots or tune tighter! Lol
  22. "Get the fuck up!" Channeling his inner Fred Durst?
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