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  1. Hi, guys! I'm trying to recreate the strings part from Shadow Of The Day. Does anyone know where I get the exact studio version notes?
  2. Are you talking about "Concert Stems" released a few months ago, right?
  3. Hi, guys! Please, what is the source?
  4. Hi, guys! About Guilty All The Same Official Contest Stems, do we have .WAV format files or just MP3/OGG?
  5. So, analyzing the spectruns from leaked HT, PT e Reanimation Instrumentals, can you tell us at least if are FLAC legit?
  6. Hybrid Theory and Post Traumatic too! AWESOME!
  7. Amazing! Interesting. Does the acoustic drum just really start after half the song? Why? Anyone?
  8. What's up, guys!? Can anyone tell me which instruments are played in Krwlng? Just Violin and Cello?
  9. Hello, friends! Can someone from LPLive staff add this memorial tribute page link to the official list in Google Docs? Thank you very much! Date: 07.21 Country: Brazil City: Natal(RN) Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/242978039766483/
  10. Yes, there is a organ on the whole song, but there is a piano too. See Brad playing "piano" at 0:58. https://youtu.be/LJw82xm76Ug?t=58s
  11. Hi, guys! 1. What kind of piano/keyboard was recorded in Hands Held High? (I know Brad plays Korg Triton live, but I just can't figure out). Electric? Acoustic?
  12. One Step Closer "parts" CD and Roads Untravelled multitracks are out!
  13. But Astat, the remaining LOATR multitracks are fan made or sound legit?
  14. Hi, buddies! Someone knows where Linkin Park get or buy drum kits samples?
  15. This mourning will probably remain forever...
  16. Four days after and I'm still devastated and speechless. I just can't believe...
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