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  1. Set list changes for these shows? POWERLESS debut? I hope so!
  2. Lost In The Echo is such an epic opening to LT, I have never been so excited listening to a new album all the way through in its entirety! I loved ATS, but in my mind, LIVING THINGS blows it completely out of the water! POWERLESS, is possibly my favourite on the album, but the album as a whole is fricking awesome!!
  3. Chance of meet and greets if you pre order? Double chances if LPU and pre order haha? Really can not wait until this comes out! Bank card out at the ready for pre order! :-D
  4. Such a good song... Chester absolute nails it! And the album cover is also sick! Cant wait for the release
  5. Jay-Z or Julien K is who my monies on! EDIT: DIDNT READ FULL ARTICLE *facepalm*
  6. This needs to hurry the fuck up!! At least an announcement when its out!!!
  7. I agree with you on this, vocals are the last thing and also, in the previous albums the album name is usually done at the very end and with the talk of album titles being on the chat with rob (even if Mike did have some joke ones), this album could be out before long!
  8. Exactly like this, curtain and everything....enough said
  9. I got a feeling that this year is going to be incredible! Hopefully UK your dates get announced soon. I can see Rock AM Ring being the introduction to the new stuff all we can do is wait 'patiently'. =D
  10. Much better performance than first time, even though the first time was awesome. Hopefully the more times he sings this during BIO the better it will become and the more confident Mike will get. Hopefully this will lead to a full song performance before the end of the tour!
  11. Their first attempt at NRL live, althought its in a different key i think it sounds good! We have been waiting for this for a long time and hopefully....just a matter of time before its sung full!
  12. Chester singing The Messenger on stage on his own <3
  13. That was so so awesome! hope someone recorded!
  14. Was thinking this myself haha, if i knew how i would since im going to watch it but a rip would be awesome.
  15. I think it will be Iridescent, with them asking people to send in themselves singing the song maybe?
  16. Its broke 1000! anyway back onto the show How good is Chesters performance...
  17. Was discussing this with my Dad last night and I completely agree with you on this!
  18. Yeah Chester looked really aggressive and focussed at the same time during the WTCFM intro he looks rather scary lmao!
  19. Yeah same as me and ive tried a number of programs. And thanks for having the DVD ready for tomorrow! See if that has the same problem, happily watched the show a couple of times through iTunes, such a great night it was!
  20. Anyone elses video mess up around Waiting For The End? Like go out of sync?
  21. Thanks so much for this! will be so good to relive such a great night!
  22. Michalangelo has stated that if no one else makes a rip he will do one for us As he is the one who provided us the initial stream download and the audio, i cant wait!
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