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  1. yes on amazon website i did web chat to talk to member of staff to ask about the product he assured me the product is the deluxe as on his notes confirmed it comes with everything dvds cds vinyls art everything
  2. Just message them on chat and say this is for everything in the product picture (picture shows super deluxe) guy said yes and cause of that they have to give me that product for that price now as they have promised me it so lol
  3. Im in uk got the order from amazon uk for super deluxe so asked staff on amazon to make sure it’s the super deluxe and he said yes it it the super deluxe u get everything u see in the product picture
  4. pretty sure they did record in the studio. Look at the OML video there’s footage from HT we never seen also video of mike and Chester in vocal booths recording HT
  5. Germany are always gonna get loads of shows Mercedes amg is a business partner of lp there headquarter is in Germany so bit of a coincidence. Feel sorry for other countries that did well with the wedemand but are over looked. Manchester should get a show considering how lps show had to be cancelled there think fans deserve a show. But least he is playing a non festival in uk this time so Ill go
  6. Just ordered tshirt and pin bundle
  7. I’m lucky as both hold big memories for me. I was at brixton show my last chester show so having songs from that show on cd means a lot to me. Also RTR i was at that show n wow having a dvd of it is amazing. Only problem is the crowd was absolutely wild as wild as the german shows (look at you tube vids) but sadly that wasn’t captured as much on dvd and crowd volume was turned down cause the crowd was loud as hell and mental at that show. There was like 10 pits at once going at one point
  8. I was a brixton show pretty sure we didnt even get outro. Chester was in crowd song finished and instead of singing the outro bit chester just said thank u hugged ppl then said u guys are the best then hugged more ppl Only just remembered it after u saying this. If he did do it at brixton n I dont remember it must have been big gap like Birmingham then
  9. Also mike said gear was brought in for Hollywood bowl show to practice but kept it there as hoping band will start jamming again sometime. Sounds like there messing round with looking for a answer but they have done this with songs before mike might not wanna release it in the end n keep it just on bowl show so more of waiting and seeing then guessing 2018 release. Also ppl need to remember if lp continues its gonna take long ass time for them to figure things out. I think it was annoying how ppl kept asking about holgram and when u releasing new music like jesus chill already let the dude grieve u don’t get over a loss that fast
  10. Amazing 3 songs from brixton so happy the band was lit that night and crowd was amazing
  11. I was at brixton show and they also had cameras there noticed they recorded most if not all the songs with cameras as well.
  12. Problem is it was recorded under a different label that korn was on at the time so there’s probably a lot of legal stuff they would have to go through
  13. I’m guessing o2 for stormzy and maybe brixton for nobody can save me cause jon green was at that show
  14. Hopefully get details on where each song was recorded from
  15. Maybe because it’s a really personal song for mike and he didn’t know if he could sing it on the night yet he gave us all a beautiful surprise gift and shared something so personal with us fans
  16. That was hard to watch all the old vids in it I remember all the lptv i grew up with it was like watching my childhood friend
  17. First off if lp do get a new singer there not going for some guy who sounds and mimics chester. Chester was the only singer for lp that sang and screamed like that there not gonna go for some copy cat. If they got a new singer they would go for something new that suited the band as of now a copy cat singer would just be kinda sad thing to do and dishonour Chester. I prefer mike taking over but if not then a new style of singer starting a fresh but still honouring Chester
  18. I agree. No one has said anything about LP owing us anything we have just talked about if the band continues what we could see them doing. I think saying fans care more about the band continuing then chesters death is a insult. Some of us just like talking about lp continuing cause it's nice to talk about something els. Fact is we have all said we would support the band no matter what they decide. And geki you can't assume anything if the band continues none of us know how relevant the band will continue to be. On one hand they do smaller shows and release music that dose ok. 2 they do a album with guests that ends up blowing up and being massive who fuxken knows you can't predict the future of LP we just have to wait and see.
  19. I'm happy with the band as a 5 piece fact is chesters loss was a punch in the fucking stomach it hurt and still dose. And I've realised if LP called it a day as well well shit that would be like another loss to me. Yeah seeing them would be weird without chester as his presence on stage was magical he was a born front man but i still need LP. I still wanna go to there shows and see the rest of the band on stage sing my heart out to whatever songs they played I'd go and sing for chester cause chester wouldn't want to take away LP from the rest of the band he would want them to be happy and do whatever made them happy
  20. I see them starting off with small shows like brixton show they did. Maybe like lp underground tours. But I could see them hitting the studio first as writing music is a good way to heal so could see them going in and writing some songs. Probably releasing demos and songs with Chester on while they figure things out
  21. Reviews are based on that persons personal taste. I liked OML the songs kinda meant something to me and i felt it more as i lost someone few months before the album, so the album meant something personal to me. But if I hadn't lost that person I probably would have had a totally different outlook of the album. But who cares what other ppl judge or think if u like something great if u don't fine but just cause you think something doesn't mean its fact and other ppl are sheep
  22. In time as the band need time. I'd prefer the idea of just mike I'm cool and want lp to continue but with mike as main man I don't like the idea of replacing Chester it can't be done. And mike could totally carry the band plus I honestly feel the band still has so mich to give and has big albums left in them to make. But only time will tell now
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