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  1. The song I can relate to the most is "Let Down". I loved my ex more than anything else in the world and we were together for more than 2 years but then things suddenly started to break down between us. Later on I found out it was another guy, but she just refused to tell me anything at that time. It was much later that I found out it was another guy. She never told me anything directly, instead she behaved in a manner that would make us fight, even trying to make me hate her, so I thought I'd be the one to leave. And the reason she gave for that: she didn't want to hurt me. And now my current gf behaves in a similar manner. I don't want to lose her so I want to use my previous experience to try to work things out but I don't want to hurt myself again either. So the song totally fits. Thanks, DBS for making such a song and thanks LPxDC for such a cool contest!
  2. Great idea! Nice to have it open to the whole world
  3. If my internet connection didn't take me 2-3 to download a single DSP I might have got every single show, but that's just a dream, so I look through the show notes for all shows in a particular tour, select the few shows which have maximum extenders, unique stuff etc. and then narrow down on as few shows as possible depending on how many of my favorites are in a setlist. Selecting one from 2009 shows was easy (I picked Stuttgart) but I was forced to download 3-4 shows from 08 cause of the number of tours. I finally settled on Bristow and Virginia Beach for PR, and Lexington from the Arena Tour. I didn't get anything from the other tours of the year. Since I got into LP shortly after MtM's release I didn't care enough about them to download live shows until PR08
  4. It hasn't even been a full year since I started visiting this site regularly. Everyone always referred to it as LPL or LPLive so up until now, I didn't even know the site was supposed to be called Linkin Park Live Guide. I've always thought that the "guide" at the top of the main page was part of the description for the site So change it!
  5. Can someone tell me whether daylight savings is in effect at the time of Mike's chat?
  6. Condemned. I only listen to it when I'm too far from my iPod or too lazy to skip it.
  7. If by wallpapers you mean ones for your comp, they're for everyone, but mobile wallpapers and ringtone are US only....you can rip the ringtone and use it though.
  8. I love LPU9!! It's like a complete overhaul of the site whereas there was hardly any changing from 7 to 8. I can't wait until the other exclusives and the new LPUMB skin shows up xD
  9. Can someone tell me what the other stuff in the package is? I mean, about guitar pics, stickers stickers and stuff.
  10. Umm...what's this 'download' song everyone's talking about?
  11. The raffle itself is a really good idea. What makes it even better is that it's open to EVERYONE at the same price:)
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