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  1. The ticket : http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3223/ticketarras.jpg
  2. Merci ! J'étais pas sûr du tout sur celle là And the Meet & Greet was too short !! Only 5 minutes. But it was fun. Mike and Chester were funny when they signed a flag, because the picture was old (2000 or 2001). Mike said : "oh ! This is my face ??? Ooooooh !". I hope it will be on the LPTV
  3. Setlist : 01. The Requiem Speech Scratch Intro 02. Faint Ext. Outro 03. Papercut 04. Lying From You 05. Given Up Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note 06. New Divide Synth Intro 07. Empty Spaces 08. When They Come For Me 09. From The Inside 10. Jornada Del Muerto 11. Waiting For The End 12. No More Sorrow 13. Wisdom, Justice, And Love 14. Iridescent 15. Numb Short Keyboard Transition Outro 16. The Radiance w/ Keyboard + Catalyst Vox 17. Breaking The Habit 18. The Catalyst 19. Crawling 20. In The End 21. What I've Done 22. Bleed It Out Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ APFMH verse 1 + bridge; Ext. Outro I hope they are no mistakes (if someone can confirm the setlist) They are some problems during the show : - The big screen didn't work during WJAL and worked again at the middle of Iridescent - Mike's microphone didn't work during 3 seconds during the second chorus of Crawling - Joe (I think) did a mistake at the end of Breaking The habit Sorry for my english (it's 4 am In France !)
  4. It's confirmed http://www.mainsquarefestival.fr/2011/fr/
  5. 4 dates in Germany ! Lucky guys ! I hope they come back in France ... Thanks for the info
  6. http://www.deezer.com/music/dead-by-sunris...rovider=website -> Acoustic song. I don't know for the other song.
  7. I see the tracklist here : http://www.deezer.com/music/dead-by-sunris...rovider=website The release date is 12/21/09.
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeah I'm going !
  9. Just now I asked Chester about Transformers 2 soundtrack alexlp @ChesterBe DBS on Transformers soundtrack ? http://bit.ly/ThwFA ChesterBe @alexlp no
  10. It's an error because if you click on ">> Réservez vite !" you cannot see Linkin Park. And it's the Sonisphere Festival in Barcelona and not in Perpignan. Some French website say anything about LP. (They said the last year that LP comes to Lyon and Nimes and finally there was no show !)
  11. There is a link http://linkinpark.com/story/News/linkin_pa...summer_sonic_09 But actually there is no news Edit: I have the message on my RSS feed Linkin Park will headline Summer Sonic 09 in Japan this coming August. The events will take place at Chiba Marine Stadium in Tokyo and Maishima in Osaka on August 7th, 8th and 9th. It is the historic 10th year of the annual festival. Tickets go on sale at all ticket locations including Lawson, E-plus, and Pia, on Saturday, May 30 at 10am (local). For more information, visit http://www.summersonic.com/. More details coming soon!
  12. They decided to delete all fansite ? So who's the next ?
  13. Very good instrumental !!!
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