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  1. you are the most polite member ever. also i cant hear anything about the demo.
  2. It's called courtesy man, this man deserved Atleast a fucking t shirt lol.
  3. I wonder why Purity Ring didn't make it to OML probably their song was too good for the album.
  4. I like the song that he did w Poppy, Fever is great
  5. They chose the wrong songs for them Fever has the potential to go all out in a heavy song Grandson would have sounded good on Papercut 5/10 Cringefest
  6. Question for @hahninator Why the band never worked w Don again? Don really helped them to create some of their best songs In Meteora you have Numb and Faint songs that people still love to this day I know that they wanted to walk away from the nu metal sound but Don is a very versatile producer One last album w Don could have been good.
  7. After listening to the demos of HT20 When they created Esaul I'm pretty sure that they knew that they could be huge. There's a huge gap from the 4track demo to Esaul w Mark.
  8. You are right man, why would they had to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the best selling records of all time? 😶
  9. I think that the people who were in charge of creating the tracklists of the albums were a bit lazy and probably didn't even know about every demo that's out there. 85% of the album feels like a compilation of some singles I still can't believe that we got like 7 versions of POA, wow. Very unnecessary. They could have use tracks from the 6 track demo and also throw in there some Reanimation demos too.
  10. I'm done calling Holy Grails to Xero songs or demos Most of the stuff is bad and it's worth listening only for historical reasons. A holy grail for me would be a song that is totally finished..
  11. In the future the mislabeled DVDs will be a collectors item If i were you i would keep them.
  12. Numb deserves the 4k remaster right now The most watched rock video of all time will look awesome in 4k because it has zero cgi.
  13. It's the one that has more cgi it didn't age well its probably the best quality that you can get.