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  1. someone should create a list of songs w scratching
  2. APFMH ↗️ Forgotten is a killer duo.
  3. I dont follow Mike streams and I dont listen to his instrumentals I heard Dropped Frames V1 and i didnt like it call me stupid but the person who paid that much money for something that is not actually exclusive man what was he thinking... It's too much music, I dont feel excited to listen to his instrumentals anymore. Sometimes less is more.
  4. that guy should pay Ostrish for the HT documentary
  5. Would love to know what the highest bidder is thinking
  6. Perfect for crazy collectors. It aint worth it for me I dont like the idea.
  7. Yeah Davis loves Chester it would make sense for him to collab since his bandmates were on some tracks. Who else would be likely?
  8. Corey Taylor must join the project, would be so fucking amazing. J Davis is very possible too Jacoby has a lot of respect for Chester too he never collaborated e Chester.
  9. Create a series of 15 videos, i want the full version 😭Please
  10. I wonder why they stopped doing the Reanimation bridge, it created a fyxking amazing momentum
  11. they could have tried to properly upscale the video and fix the audio..
  12. The low budget video is on par w the Reanimation videos from 2002 I like it 😬
  13. Mine just arrived Does anyone else received Frat Party instead of PR 02?
  14. Could you or someone else post a picture of the litho and laminate?
  15. This remix is probably his best work since Living Things.
  16. Honestly thats the best that youll ever hear from that show its from the era when they were still a really young band at that point of time their sound equipment was shit they updated their gear somewhere during the final part of 2001 and early 2002.
  17. Who gives a fuck seriously? I would never use the DVDs or CDs they are just for collection and display.