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  1. so that's the guy who's going to win the Grammy? wow congrats genius.
  3. will you do nightcore versions of your own songs?
  4. He is smart who would do a comeback in the middle of a pandemic crisis without concerts? LP will comeback but im sure that it will be next in 2022
  5. it's pointless people would buy for their collection but a greatest hits at this point it's unnecessary, unlikely and who needs it when you have so many streaming options.
  6. Mike Tiknoda Mike Cashnoda Michael Trendy Shinoda
  7. the comments on this awful shit damn this is why he keeps releasing crap the com
  8. Exclusive Happy Endings NFT EP 01 Happy Endings (Flanger Effect Remix) 02 Happy Endings (Instrumental with reverb) 03 Happy Endings (Erection Remix)
  9. trolling and making money thats great.
  10. Thanks Mike for releasing the remixes that i did on VirtualDJ.
  11. cesar you just made my day damn dude hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
  12. In conclusion 🟥Anything that Grey Daze releases is a cashgrab no matter what 🟥Mike can do cashgrab stuff and it wont be called a cashgrab (NFT, overpriced products, trendy collabs)
  13. yeah like releasing a whole album inspired by Chesters death and tour around the world to promote it
  14. Thanks Chester for bringing back Grey Daze.
  15. well my English sucks I barely care about the lyrics I just can't stand his uninspired disposable music.
  16. So the intro its like a demo of My December?
  17. " I wrote the song with UPSAHL and Samantha Ronson and Pete Nappi, and Sam and Pete are on Disney" I dislike the new Shinoda, he's like the total opposite of what he was all about.
  18. It's confirmed there wont be a new album. im fine with his singles approach i would love an album if he tours.