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  1. Hello, I don't know if you all remember this but I made a compilation of every Linkin Park song played live a while back. Well, I wasn't satisfied with the final product so now I'm remaking it from scratch. I'm using more of audience recording for old songs and soundboard for the recent songs. Well, I need help with merging all the intro used for Points of Authority plus all the extenders in Bleed It Out. How should I do this?
  2. Drums - Pretend to Be Guitar - The Little Things Give You Away
  3. I'm not a huge fan of Stone Temple Pilots but I was very surprised when I read about Chester doing stuff with them. The new song is freaking great! I'm excited to see how far this goes, 2013 is a great year for music.
  4. I don't know if this thread should go here but I'm making a Live Compilation of every Linkin Park song live and I need a title for this. So any suggestions?
  5. Thank you for all the recommendations! The only show I don't have that you suggested is 16.04.2001 at the Palladium.
  6. They are great shows! Thinking about it I should've stated I have like every show.
  7. Alright, so I need help selecting the best live recordings of Linkin Park for my IPhone. I love the live stuff a lot more than studio. I only have 10 GBs left on my IPhone and I want to at least get a couple shows from each year. They can be audience or soundboard recordings.
  8. It took me a while to get most of the bootlegs, at least like a week of constantly downloading.
  9. I have every DSP released, every bootleg there is to find, LPU cd's, demo's, and pretty much everything I could find.
  10. When I realized I have over 6,000 Linkin Park songs on my computer!
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