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  1. I really enjoy the Xero era for some reason. Before the Rapology leaks we hardly had anything to go on, except the demo tape. The era was so mysterious! Now, post HT20, there's been so many Xero demos released, both officially and unofficially, that we have a clearer picture of the band and their sound from 1996-1998. Personally, I think that's really awesome - regardless of the actual quality of the songs. It's just nice to have examples of their history and roots. I know some don't like most of the Xero demos (the band included lol) but I don't think that should really determine whether something gets released or not and in the past it hasn't stopped glorious bangers such as "Dave Sbeat feat. Joe," Mike's 2002 Breaking the Habit demo, and (as others have said) Pods from being released. I'm not complaining either because even though those songs don't sound amazing they're still nice to have, especially for hard-core fans and collectors like many of us here. Now that we know about Deftest and Spark Marker(?) It gives me something to look forward to leaking one day because I do genuinely think Xero is fun to listen to and that it's good for that type of history to be preserved! Plus there's speculated demos such as Slip w/Mark, Stick N Move (Studio recording) w/Mark, and of course a better quality rip of Pictureboard w/Mark that have a pretty solid chance at existing and hopefully being leaked one day.
  2. Yep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7DmjpE-S00
  3. Official studio version is on youtube as of now.
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