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  1. Really cool item. Thanks for the pics.


    Whenever you find the time it would be great if you could take pictures of each page. This would be a great addition to Linkinpedia.


    It's interesting to learn that this is the source for the Throwback pics from 2013 provided by the LPU.


    Mark and I noticed that they obviously copied the 2000 tour dates from LPLive for this book. So sadly we can't take this to confirm anything.

  2. It's in a question because of the font size. "F/ Miss Jones" has the a bigger size (like the artist itself) and a space between the "F/" to the featured artist. Of course "F/007" doesn't make any sense and this is why we're trying to solve it all.


    It's not "CO Rap Up", it's "CD Rap Up".


    Tracks without labels has asterisks to note that these are exclusives in my opinion. Hence why "Rap Up" isn't there to refer to a label name.


    The font size is so inconsistent all over the whole artwork that it doesn't mean much. I agree that it possibly mean featuring, whoever 007 is.

    It's also definitely CD Rap Up.

  3. multiple mono audio tracks combined into stereo tracks for some reason


    As far as I can tell it was converted into dual mono. Each annoying SMPTE signal that was originally in the left channel was replaced by the right channel. Instead of just making each one into a real mono track, and reducing the file size by half.

  4. I think what they are doing right now is to get the fans hyped up because we follow them closes and notice the small changes and get engaged with the puzzles and such. I assume it will become all a lot clearer for the casual fans when the actual song release gets closer.

    At the end of the day it all comes down how well the music is received by the general audience. Back in the day one song was enough to make you buy the album.


    About GATS again, IIRC correctly GATS was the song the band picked and the label picked UIG as the first real single and was promoted way more. GATS was dropped as early as possible to give us something.

  5. GATS seemed just like pure fan service. It wasn't meant to be a real single or radio hit. There was no proper video (they could have easily done a badass video with studio footage).

    Also the radio edit was so terrible, no wonder it wasn't on the radio. The song was completely butchered, the shortened intro was ok but Rakim was completely cut out and thus it just went from chorus to chorus.


    I personally really liked the direction THP was taking, the sound is sometimes a little too raw though. Loved it musically but they could have polished it a little more. I'm a big fan of the drums on this album.

  6. You can replace one or two people here and there but not an entire working team, that is basically a family.



    We'll know when they are done with then album and then it will be released 3 months later, like always.

    So if it's not done now, we won't get it before March and so on.

  7. It was definitely the biggest one until that point.




    Biggest crowd (festival): ~90,000 (2008.06.07 Lisboa, Portugal - Rock in Rio Lisboa III)
    Biggest crowd (headline show): 65,300+ (2012.11.10 Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Biggest crowd ever: estimated 750,000+ to 1,000,000+ (2005.07.02 - Philadelphia, PA - Live 8)



    We are treating the Brazil 2004 show as a festival performance, that's why it isn't their biggest headline solo show.

  8. Glad we finally rolled this out. The other day I noticed that the email where I proposed the statistics page idea was started on 22.10.14. It's weird how long some thing can take.


    On a side not, the collapse feature is currently broken in the Hybrid theme, I hope I can locate the problem quickly.

    "Linkin Park shows: 976"


    How are we going to celebrate the 1000th?


    This includes all the shows, even Xero, Hybrid Theory.

    To get the number for the shows as actual Linkin Park with the name you'd have to substract the previous shows.

    We'll never know what their 1000th show is exactly, since we don't know how many shows they played as Hybrid Theory.


    So that's 961 as Linkin Park, so they'll probably crack the 1000th show this year. If not next year.

    I wonder if the band is keeping track of that in someway. Wouldn't surprise me if the management came up with some astronomic number that's completely false. Just like the 320 shows in 1 year number.

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