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  1. 1. Numb 2. Somewhere I Belong 3. Don't Stay 4. Runaway 5. Lost In The Echo +1 Crawling
  2. I find it interesting that there aren't any new registered song titles in the BMI website.....
  3. I want Take Away My Pride, that Meteora demo with drums and piano from the DVD, Ammosick and Left Right from the ATS-era.
  4. Actually, yeah. Maybe because I'm more into electronic rock then Hard Rock or anything like those. I hope Living Things was just a one-time only thing. I don't want "Rock" LP. I want experimental "We don't care how does it sounds like, if we like it then it's us" LP. And there's still a lot of potential in electronic stuff.
  5. They dropped the two best thing from the set, The Catalyst and the Ballad Medley and didn't even played something special. Congratulations Linkin Park, you did it again.
  6. Chester sound very "Mark-ish" in Slip and in Esaúl. And different from the other demos from that era.
  7. Yeah, Mike said a few years before that there aren't any Xero-era stuff except the tape, Esaúl and Pictrureboard. And then Coal came out of nowhere.......And then Slip. So I don't trust Mike and the band in these things anymore except Chester.
  8. But we don't even know if they played that song. Same goes for Coal.
  9. Hm. Xero Tape: 12:28 Esaúl and Slip: 6:30 Coal?: 3:30 = 22,28 min
  10. I would ask them to play these ones: A Place For My Head Carousel What I’ve Done Burn It Down In The End Reading My Eyes The Catalyst Blackout Now this is a mix bitween the old and the new
  11. Probably it was like that ITE vs APFMH situation at one of the shows. I still have hopes for the show.
  12. Do we have a video or a photo of it?
  13. I meant the rehearsal, but I saw that it just started.
  14. How many hours till the show?
  15. What did he said about Carousel?
  16. Or an acoustic version of Esaúl.
  17. Why does the synth from the choruses of New Divide sound exactly like song from Mass Effect 3? Check it from 2:31. I mean seriously.
  18. ATS. It's a no-brainer. With Robot Boy. Or MTM. With the two B-sides. Or the Xero Tape
  19. Except NRL, this list is the best so far. I don't want to hear Chester's version of NRL simply because Mike made that song good. Chester would've fucked up. That song and In Between with Chaz are the only two stuff I don't want to hear. Even if I'm a MTM fan and I would like to hear every MTM-era demo, just no.
  20. Looks like "Nobody's Listening" to us.....Yeah, it's Take Away My Pride. It has to be.
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