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  1. Good luck to everyone!!! This will be awesome
  2. Excuse me? Hahahaha calmn down dude LOL Speak for yourself On Topic, Living Things is a good name after at all.
  3. It was just a hashtag. This doesn't confirm anything. Please don't affirm something like that, it is pointless. Or at least, speak for yourself because this only will generate confusion. Specially if you TWEET it.
  4. i don't have it yet. But i guess it is because i'm from Argentina.
  5. Anyone got any notice? about the time or when?
  6. YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!! ^^ All argentinean people was waiting a lot for this!!!
  7. whattup u guys, i have a question. i'm from Argentina, my timezone is -3. In which country Joe will do the video-chat? because i wanna figureout my time just to attend it
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