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  1. I disagree with alot of stuff mentioned in this review
  2. the pictures are great. much better than the review
  3. i was wondering when this would come out
  4. haha..i gotta give credit to Kramer tho...i just stole his name
  5. damn that sucks. maybe we should ask mike or another band member when they have a chat in the lpu
  6. When does their contract end?
  7. I dont think he is. Actually im always 100 percent sure. in the studio version, the first verse says " will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns" but in the video the first verse says "as we burn."
  8. Hell YEA!!!!!! BITS!!!!!!!! finally! im really excited now
  9. who knows..amybe theyll play three ht in a row..all songs they dont play much
  10. im hoping for burning in the skies. my second favorite song on ATS
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