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  1. Am I the only one who would like to hear some singing from Mike. Something like Devils Drop would be nice.
  2. If anything I would just love it to be Mike. Gone are those heavy rock days so more songs like Invisible and Sorry for Now would be the way to go if it’s just Mike. No need for a new lead singer. Just imagining someone else taking over Chester’s place is just heartbreaking.
  3. While I do love the song, it just sounds off live.
  4. And the last clip will eventually be the single.
  5. What if it's not even the single but rather an indication of what the album is going to sound like. The band probably just wanted us to hear what the direction was for the new album and how they're approaching it. That's my take on the clip.
  6. i feel like if they were to make a pop album it would be something like Robot Boy.
  7. Loving the sound of this demo. Reminds me of Brand New- The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows.
  8. Come on, did people really think this was going to last.
  9. same here. i can go for another Living Things style album but for them to go full on EDM, thats a no to me too. i don't think they will though.
  10. This song by any means is not one favorite linkin park song. It is however one of my favorite live. Saw the band perform in LA 4 years ago and it was crazy.
  11. there were some nice shots in this episode.
  12. Here's my idea of a perfect set, even though I know it would never happen. 1) One Step Closer (Extended Intro) 2) A Place for my Head 3) Lying From You 4) Keys to the Kingdom 5) New Divide 6) Points of Authority 7) From the Inside 8) Wastelands 9) Castle of Glass 10) Powerless 11) Final Masquerade 12) Waiting for the End 13) Breaking the Habit 14) Shadow of the Day 15) Until it’s Gone 16) Burn it Down 17) Faint Encore: 18) A Line in the Sand 19) Papercut 20) The Catalyst 21) In the End 22) What I’ve Done 23) Bleed it Out
  13. -At these shows, we should see some different setlists as the government in Shanghai banned Given Up and Hands Held High in 2009, meaning Linkin Park might have to play a few different songs besides Given Up, Rebellion, etc. Wait.... what? why is that. Thats fuckin stupid.
  14. Lol wouldn't that be the most fucked up thing ever, 1 song every 10 years.
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