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  1. To anyone saying Mike was autotuned like T-Pain.. What performance were you watching? o___o
  2. Well that's good then. Shame I couldn't be of assistance.

  3. Unfortunately not. But I'm better now. ^^

  4. Awww I'm sorry.. anything I can do to help that?

  5. That's adorable. Congratz. I hope to take my sister to see LP when they tour the US again. :3
  6. Just been feeling sick all night. Can't sleep.. :(

  7. Disappointed with the length. But who wasn't? Also loved Chester's 'speech' at the end. Mike looked like he was losing his mind a little. Can we say overworked? It left me wanting more. I feel like they saved all their footage for LPTV or something.. >__>
  8. Was that a real argument? O__o I just kinda thought they were kidding around.
  9. Awww what's wrong? I've been doing okay, its the weekend so just getting ready to make some plans ^_^

  10. I've been okay, I guess. Not feeling well today, though. You?

  11. Haha, I know :) How have you been?

  12. I thought so. Love that song. Also, LOL at Mike singing all high pitched..
  13. Just making sure that was you, hun. ;D

  14. Odd how they did that with the tattoos... HA.. Dr. Gordon is in the trailer... I KNEW HE WAS STILL ALIVE. ^-^
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