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  1. Lost in the echo, castle of glass, skin to bone and powerless are perfect!!! Lost in the echo one of the best lp song ever!
  2. Very very very good show!!! But I already miss When They Come For Me!
  3. I like Lies, Greed, Misery more than Burn It Down
  4. Five minutes ago I was wondering when this would happen... if today or tomorrow... lol
  5. Better than The Catalyst!! Love it!!
  6. Great titles!!! A thousand suns will be awesome!!!
  7. I really love the deluxe edition!!! I think I'll order it as soon as I can!!
  8. elyx

    Happy Birthday Shinoda!

    happy birthday mike!!! =* (today is also my birthday!!!!! =D *.*)
  9. yes i know... (sono italiana ci andavo ttt i gg sul sito) but there isn't this year... già già!!! XD ...mi è dispiaciuto un casino che lo abbiano chiuso...! era veramente bello!
  10. Feb 26, 2007... (there's only 2007...)
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