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  1. wow i think that numb after numb/encore part sounds little different (i just the first verse)... there's no guitar and sounds fresher than usual, like that part...
  2. what??? i don't think there is gonna b any stream of LP:-/ there was a sign couple secs ago with announcement about next stream which is Steve Aoki??:/
  3. nope... there's gonna b just Mike's cousin Robertos!)
  4. what? but they didn't have any lt tour for europe?:/ just that festival tour in june and may i think
  5. im just a little bit confused, why they haven't already announced any info about european tour?://
  6. iri is there but there is a mistake in wisdom justice and love
  7. osc

    MTV VMA's

    the catalyst wasn't live on mtv....
  8. osc

    MTV VMA's

    but taylor is really hot ;-)
  9. lol... i can't understand what everybody have with them... they aren't so much special...
  10. STOP ASKING ME TO SEND LINK! I won't send anything...
  11. yes i'm 100% serious....ATS LEAKED RIGHT NOW!:
  12. The album just leaked: Linkin_Park-A_Thousand_Suns-2010-pLAN9
  13. I don't think so.... even if the Transformers are in early status of completion....These things are determined on begining.. but yeah... i 100% agreed with u... it's really sucks.. and i don't want to see the Transformers 3 anymore (megan's left, linkin park's left)...grr
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