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  1. They played Washington State for the HCT, Tacoma Dome in September Thinking about heading to the Gorge, since it's a Saturday (3.5 hrs each way, blegh) I should be able to make it work. Gonna see if anyone I know likes LP/30STM so I can maybe get people to split gas/keep me company When do we think presale tickets will come up for LPU members?
  2. There was a false start on Waiting for the End, and Joe filled the downtime with some scratching and playing the volume swell samples that are normally a part of the song Also Mike did a piano interlude after The Catalyst
  3. I'll be at the show I can't wait Mutemath just finished, crew rolling out carpet on the stage for Incubus o.O Incubus done, LP's stage being set up, drums for WTCFM (unless something else has a mini drum kit) being set up/ tested
  4. I'll be there :D I'm going to school at Pacific Lutheran which is also in Tacoma so I'm pumped for this show. When I get tickets where should I try to get seats?
  5. Could you link his twitter? Or is it not public? My googling has failed me T.T
  6. Any DSP with Reading My Eyes would be damn nice!! Any Pre 2007 shows would be cool. I'd probably pick up some Fort Minor/ Dead by Sunrise DSPs if they were available.
  7. In the live version I felt like the fireworks should kick in with the guitar just cut out some of the dead space and this could kick ass! It's already pretty good though
  8. Great find :D Although I still feel like the normal portion of New Divide should start at 0:43 instead of having the pause between the intro and the song.
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