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  1. I gotta say the best crowd I think was Live Earth 2007 in Japan. One and only time I've ever been to Japan, and we broke through the barrier in between the 2nd and 3rd song. I'm sorry. That takes the cake right there.
  2. I just joined LPU, and I got a little pdf file about the meet and greets, but can't find anything on the website, can someone help me?
  3. If there is going to be a North American tour in the summer, does this mean that that is Projekt Rev? I remember watching a video of Chester talking about while writing this album, the process was so different that Projekt Rev seems like it won't happen. Any thoughts?
  4. Ha. I got it first. Lol.
  5. It is pretty horrendous. But at least we get to see some sexy chicas like Katy Perry!
  6. If this is any indication of how ATS may possibly sound (assuming it is a B-Side to ATS) I am really going to like the new sound. I love the new song.
  7. I am so confused. LPA has the time at 47:41 and LPL has it at 52:35. Any help would be wonderful!
  8. So yeah. I preordered this album, don't have the download.
  9. Haha. They knew all these fans would be listening to the song, so those sneaky fucks (referring to LP) sent all the downloads out while we were all in awe of this song.
  10. THIS Seriously, everyone is saying that is is garbage, but you set your expectations WAYY too high. You were expecting to get your face blown off, and that didn't happen. I love the way it sounds. It doesn't sound "too over-produced." You want to hear REALLY "over-produced" listen to Lady Gaga, or any new artist that has like 10-20 artists working on their new albums. That is the "over-produced" sound you are speaking of. It is new, and edgy, especially for Linkin Park, and I think they succeeded. Enjoying it, even if it is clips spliced together. It sucks you don't like it, but don't call it garbage. Please.
  11. The little synth breakdown before what sounds like it could be the chorus, reminds me a lot of songs used to shuffle. I love how Mike and Chester mix their vox. It sounds quite odd and offbeat, which is exactly what I was looking for on this album. I love how everyone is bashing this because it isn't what THEY expected. Does anybody remember Chester saying that on this album, they made the songs to how THEY wanted and not THEIR FANS. If you want to jump off the LP bandwagon because a 30-second snippet has disappointed you, then go for it. I'm not shooting down anyones opinions, because anyone can not like this. I like the decision to go a little more trance-y and dance-like. It fits them.
  12. A friend said he was listening to the radio and it came on. He lives in Salt Lake City. My radio station took the audio stems and put them together. I asked him if that's what it was. He said it was the full song.
  13. Before someone shuts this down, I'm not asking for a link to it. I was just wondering if this was true.
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