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  1. Happy b'day Rob...and no..don't cut your hair plz!
  2. Maybe they will start working on a new song on tuesday!
  3. It would probably be n Between! I also don't like Runaway..but it can pass!
  4. Man...and i was really looking forward to thir new album...
  5. It realy made my day =( R.I.P
  6. i would say there could be more bands like gd and lp on that list...but good for lp anyways!
  7. That's pathetic...it is normal to see bad comments about lp ..but this...c'mon man...get a LIFE!!!
  8. Voted for hybrid theory, new divide and coldplay
  9. What does that mean?? Did they notice cheating??
  10. omg i can't wait...i dunno if this is going to be some great stuff...but still i can't wait :)
  11. I think they stoped cheating...i mean 6 k voted in whole night...they probably think they won this duel so if we start to cheat now they will probably dod the same...it's over...it was over before it started!
  12. Am i blind or there are no more votes voming for paramore? i mean they have 2,89 m for couple of hrs already!
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