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  1. Very accessible from DCA (airport) via Uber $25-50 or Metro $5. Message me if you need more info.
  2. I wonder if it ends up being a Fort Minor song. Or better yet, like this song that was once BMI registered to Linkin Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwtR9PNKht4
  3. Def thought he deserved a best supporting actor nomination for his role on Friday. Like you said, he's not a replacement, but he frees Mike up to do other stuff, and he it seems like he GETS the band.
  4. I got the vibe it was their last show. The nice thing is, retirement doesnt work in music like it does in sports. The game doesnt pass you by. You can always pick up where you left off and literally not miss a beat. That being said, my strong preference is they continue as a 5 piece. This is not my original idea but a couple of close friends have suggested that the show doubled as a tryout of sorts for Jon Green. I would love that. I think he clicked well. And as was also mentioned to me, it would free Mike up to move around the stage as a true frontman. I also think Mike has a great and unique voice, and lets not forget he wrote a lot of what Chester sung. He can sing terrible and an octave down on Chesters screaming parts and it will still be music that is in part his. Ill be fine with it. Even on OSC.
  5. It was great meeting people from the board as well as from FB, and to see all these "strangers" looking out for each other. What an incredible weekend. So much positivity. Short of the event that led to this concert, I'm sure this is what the band envisioned when they first thought of doing an LPU summit.
  6. Double post, unfortunately. Ill use this one to say I have never seen so much love at one show. A few of my close friends watched the stream and reached out to me afterwards to express they finally got how I love this band so much.
  7. Geki, it was a beautiful show. All of it. Every last guest and moment did Chester justice. Im sorry you were unable to enjoy it.
  8. It was nice meeting you! I would be surprised if this wasn’t LP’s final show.
  9. Yeah, because we’re all here at the show. Mike just said on KROQ it will be 3 hours of music.
  10. Took some photos right outside the box office. Cant wait to meet some of yall tomorrow. Edit: They are currently soundchecking ALTNC. Soundchecked SIB next. Catalyst next.
  11. Beautiful post, Dylan. Really looking forward to this show and seeing all of you again, despite the circumstances. Im glad that Chester is being celebrated, instead of mourned.
  12. https://twitter.com/linkinpark/status/915954746237657088 Watchable for free on the band's Facebook site (http://lprk.co/facebook)
  13. https://linkinpark.com/news/news/449444/japan-2017-update To our wonderful fans in Japan and our brothers in ONE OK ROCK: We have been looking forward to being with all of you, but unfortunately cannot play our previously scheduled performances in Tokyo. Until now, we have not communicated about our November shows because we sincerely wished to play, even in the wake of Chester's passing. We are working each day to grieve, heal, and work towards stepping on stage together without our dear friend. We are so grateful for your love and support. Our sincere appreciation for your kind understanding. - LINKIN PARK Ticket holders can seek refund information at www.hipjpn.co.jp. Ticket refunds will be processed starting on October 5th @ 10:00AM (JST).
  14. I def think at least a couple will be kept as a surprise
  15. Doing scouting on these things is one of my favorite things to do. Off the top of my head, Hov (as mentioned) is playing Anaheim that night. Difficult, but not impossible. Devil Wears Prada is playing in LA that night as well. Again, difficult but not impossible. The deplorable Machine Gun Kelly, most unfortunately, will be free. His tour ends in Russia 10/24. Here's hoping he's flying back with United. Ryan Key and Jared Leto are free, as is Kiiara.
  16. I will 10000000% be there, and hope someone organizes an LPL meetup pre-show. Of note: Jay-Z is doing a show in Anaheim that night. Highly unlikely he can pull off both, given the shows would be at the same time, but not logistically impossible that he could kick it off in LA before helicoptering over. Also, this needs to be livestreamed.
  17. Damn, we couldn't even make it to 50 days of Making Chester Proud
  18. +1 A very small ask for something that would make a huge difference to many, and would truly make it public
  19. It's hard to believe it's only been a month. It does feel like far longer. I don't expect them to be ready to play anytime soon, but they have on two separate occasions (where they haven't been pressed to do so) issued statements stating the look forward to the band and performing in the future. That being said, it does feel irresponsible to me that radio stations are already pushing the LA "event" as a tribute show.
  20. To be honest, I wouldn't. We have a lot of Chester tracks, but it was also Mike that made this one stand out.
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