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  1. Yeah,I think this is for "Waiting For The End"..
  2. Is there any possibilities they will come to Malaysia..?? :[
  3. Hahaha.. I just thinking bout this last nite.. and now,its really true.. did you guys remember..?? On UStream video with Mike,he ask all the fans on LP chat,if they should put Blackbirds on iTunes..?? And all the fans said "Yes".. But until then,they not sell the song.. Now,they put it as ATS bonus track.. so,i'm guess it good enough.. If they sell it,I dont think fans are going to buy it.. But for me,I definitely buy it..
  4. All I can said now is,"AWESOME"..!!!
  5. dude,its okay.. you're not stupid cuz asking this.. anyway,"The Catalyst" will be in MP3 form.. maybe the "digital single"...
  6. owh,really...?? okay,thanx dude.. I'm maybe think i'm going to order the CD/DVD version.. I really want the Deluxe Fan Edition package but its too expensive..
  7. does the pre-order are valid for Worldwide..? I'm asking this bcuz i'm staying in Malaysia..
  8. Hahahaha... You got me..!! Luckily I didnt hit my head yet.. Dats great joke dude.. Hahahaah.. ;D
  9. Dude,it said,"Our apologies,Page Not Found"..
  10. Yeah,I think so.. But they should done this thing today rite..?? Cuz at my country its already July 9 and now already 1.52pm...
  11. yeah.. there were six of it.. really cool picture.. Mike's hair is the best..
  12. Yup,I notice that too.. I think it still under construction.. Maybe later (ASAP) they will fix it.. I'm really excited rite now.. ahahahaha ;D
  13. Yeah.. its really2 cool.. but the "Linkin Park" font is simple.. Do you think that will be the font for the new album..?? :0 owh yeah.. their myspace still same.. with the "8-Bit Rebellion" theme..
  14. Yeah.. I notice it.. No wonder just now (before they changed the website) there a message comes out.. "Network Down".. and written that the website is currently down for temporary.. And as I check it later,they changed the website.. How bout MySpace..??
  15. I know what have revealed on Wikipedia can be trust.. But sometimes,there's a people who edit it by them self.. I mean,not the staff inside the Wikipedia.. But I just think this thing is ture.. So,I'm really excited bout it.. ;D
  16. I just look out at Google about the new Linkin Park album.. And this is what I've found.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Thousand_Suns As a lot of people said,Wikipedia can't be trusted 100% but i think this might be true.. Perhaps.. :]
  17. good job dude.. Mike really great in doing puzzle things.. He trying to make us think out of the box.. We can't depends on the puzzle only.. We have to look more resource.. Just like Smarky did..
  18. "A Thousand Suns" is the album name.. "The Catalyst" is the first single name.. That's awesome.. Can't wait for it.. a month from now..
  19. Hahahaha.. I don't know.. Maybe he is.. But who knew about it..?? ;D Mike,if you're here.. Please give us the snippet to the new single... Hahahaha... lol
  20. Hahahaha.. I think I know who's that special guest.. Maybe he's one of the bandmate.. lol
  21. That's true.. if you guys look at the background,it's all same.. Maybe it's something that we didn't think about t.. Hurm.. ;D
  22. Whoa... Dude,thnx for the picture with orange watermark.. Seriously I dont get it just now.. ;D
  23. Yeah.. I can't wait for it.. Come on LP.. ;D
  24. There's a picture of Mike's handwriting on a piece of paper... http://linkinpark.com/message An orange watermark on the image reveals: The Catalyst, August 2nd. Is this the name of the first single and its release date? It would definitely coincide with what was leaked on LPLive date-wise last week. We have some solid information! Only one more month! Discuss!
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