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  1. Just got back. Was awesome. A lot of people were yelling out to them, including me, to play both In The End and APFMH when Mike asked, but then he turned around and said we can't have both. I personally thought In The End had the louder cheer, but I was glad we got APFMH over it. I was itching to hear it and it was amazing. For me the highlight was Lost In The Echo. I haven't heard it live before and it was fucking incredible. Castle of Glass didn't live up to the expectations live as I had hoped and it was probably the one song I was looking forward to most. Still sounded pretty good though. All in all a great night, would have liked more variety in the setlist, but solid nevertheless.
  2. Absolutely pumped for tonight. Was there in 2010 where we got Blackout and Burning In The Skies which surprised the shit out of me on the night. Blackout especially was amazing. Hopefully we get some more surprises. Maybe it's Set B tonight?
  3. That kind of price is quite standard here, actually usually a bit more.
  4. Well that's When They Come For Me completely ruined later (if they play it).
  5. Bah, how much longer of this band? They are so average IMO. I've got work later and fear I'll miss some of LP's set.
  6. I happy with the interludes. But really they should have made Empty Spaces and WTCFM as one song, as mentioned, a bit like Metallica's 'One'.
  7. I hope they keep Blackout on the setlist. It's absolutely insane live and was definitely the highlight of the night. Sydney are in for a treat if they play it. Also agree to removing SOTD. Was never a fan of that song anyway. There are much better songs they could be playing.
  8. Oh my god, what a fucking night! INCREDIBLE! My first LP concert and just amazing. Highlight of the night: BLACKOUT! Fuck, it sounded unbelievably good; anyone here who went agree it sounded better than the album version or was it just me? It's not even my favourite song on ATS, but was absolute BEAST live. And Burning In The Skies! I got to witness two debuts. And the kickass 'new setlist' that I was hoping for. APFMH over Bleed It Out and Rob drum solo! Is that the return of the solo or has it been played recently because I can't recall? Man I'm still absolutely buzzing. I've been to two Metallica gigs this year, U2, and tonight rates right up there. I managed to record some of Blackout and BITS, but it's on my iPhone and probably shit quality. Haven't checked it yet.
  9. What time did Dead Letter Circus and LP come on so I know for tonight? Thanks. And anyone here in seats? How into it were people up in the seats? I don't want to be surrounded by people just sitting there doing nothing lol.
  10. I get that a lot, especially with larger sized videos. If you are still having problems, I'd recommend trying this YouTube uploader program. Free YouTube Uploader Works a treat for me.
  11. I hear that as well. That and it sounds like a higher pitch than the studio recording, but that could just be me.
  12. Sweet as! Signed up for LPU and just purchased 3 Gold Reserved tickets for 13th December at Rod Laver. Pretty excited! Will be my first LP concert! I'm going to 2 Metallica shows in November and then LP in December, OMG, what a way to end the year. My bank account has taken a bit of a beating though.
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