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  1. This is so awesome ! I can see myself at the M&G in Berlin At 00:36 I can see my hand holding the germany-flag an at 01:12 - 01:15 I can see me nearly in the middle of the screen ;D This hole day was so great and amazing and now I can see mein an LPTV-episode This is really like a dream come true for me
  2. At first good luck to everyone would be awesome to win the prize but I think that my chance isn't so good
  3. This giveaway is really soo AWESOME. My favourite LP Moment was in 2009 at the LP concert in Stuttgart. I was there like 6 hours before the show starts so i got a really nice place in the front of the stage. But the best thing on that day was that I hold Mikes hand when he came done in In The End. That was such an amazing Moment for me. Hope I have a chance to win but good luck to everyone out there
  4. Happy birtday Lee I hope that you have a great day and a great next year. When I met you in Köln at the DBS concert I found out that you are a totally awesome person, so I hope to see you in the near future again. Maybe on a LP or a JK concert in Germany
  5. yea I think you are really a awesome person. This website is so great and I'm so thankfull that it exist. I hope you'll have a great birthday. I know that I'm not a staff person but I hope that you'll read this So happy birthday and good luck for the next year.
  6. My first is Blackbirds cause I really like it (The best is MIkes rapping part in my view) Second is New Divide. I think thats a really great song and even live it sounds amazing 3. Across the line because I've waited soo long for it now 4. Lockjaw 5. Not Alone
  7. Thats sooo great 8) Hope that it will grow to 30,000 soon
  8. My name is Shinizle cause LinkinParkFan11111 was too long for the game So add me if you see me
  9. would be really really awesome to win this great prices
  10. That really really sounds soo amazing ! I hope to see you guys in Cologne before the show cause I'm sixteen years old and I have to go to school the next day so I can't stay long after the show but I hope that I can spend time with you guys there ;D It would be soo awesome if I could meet Elias or the other guys too. Hope that that will happen in Cologne ! I can't wait to see them because I know how great they are live cause I was at the Linkin Park show in Stuttgart last year where DBS played Fire, CBI and My Suffering and it was like "WOW ! They are fucking great!" I hope that my comment isn't too long ;P Have fun at the next shows, see you in Cologne !
  11. yeah great Thanks for the info ! I'll buy it as fast as I can Hope to help them in the charts
  12. I'm going to the show in Cologne Would be nice to see you ;D
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