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  1. Ive heard great things about this show from previous years. Looks like I'm going to be making my first trip to see it.
  2. I have some photos and haven't had the time to upload any of them yet. The summit was a lot of fun and a great experience. Hats off to everyone involved.
  3. I have tickets for the LPU meetup, summit and show. It's going to be awesome. And its just over a half hour drive for me. See you there Geki.
  4. Sadly I missed the show cause of work. Looking forward to seeing it in full when it becomes available somewhere. This fan base though. Always hating on something. I'm sure it can't be that bad.
  5. I'm in for the Darien show. This hopefully is going to be amazing.
  6. I just signed it. It would be real cool if we managed to get something better than a shaky fan recording. 68 signatures at the moment.
  7. 6 shows in total so far. Next to each song I put a number of how many times live. No number means once. Hybrid Theory:Papercut (4)One Step Closer (6) (w/ Jonathan Davis 2004)With You (4)Points of Authority (3) (Petrified v1)Crawling (2)Runaway (1)In The End (6)Pushing me Away (piano version) Meteora:Don't Stay (2)Somewhere I Belong (5)Lying From You (4)Faint (6)Figure.09Breaking the Habit (6)From the Inside (2)Numb (6) Minutes to Midnight:Wake (2)Given Up (5)Leave out all the RestBleed it out (5) (Sabotage outro twice)Shadow of the DayWhat I've Done (5)No More Sorrow (2)The Little Things Give You Away A Thousand Suns:The Requiem (live debut)The Radiance (live debut)Empty Spaces (2)When They Come For Me (2)Jornada Del MuertoWaiting for the End (4) (Until it breaks v1 twice) (Until it breaks v2)Wretches and Kings (live debut)IridescentFallout (live debut)The Catalyst (3) Living Things:Lost in the Echo (3)In My RemainsBurn It Down (3)Lies Greed Misery (2)Castle of GlassTinfoil Others:Hip Hop Medley (Step Up, Nobody's Listening, It's Going Down)Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover)New divide (4)Victimized/QWERTY (2)LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (3)
  8. It's so heavy. I had crappy quality on YouTube and made it sound bad. But I'm sure it sounds way better than what I experienced.
  9. Yeah its pretty cool. They do a deal usually where you can get admission to the park for an extra $10 or so in addition to concert ticket price. Regular admission price is around $30.
  10. That figures the Darien show doesn't have either meet and greet package.
  11. Well right now it looks like I will be at the Darien and Toronto shows. Wish I could do more. But I'm happy with just the 2.
  12. Latest update from the Dj James, "still awaiting for the first single to drop, and big plans for the tour this summer". Pretty much new this already though.
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