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  1. I agree with Ana Linkin Park is doing more shows in UK & Germany than in France because they're really popular there. The're always doing 1 or 2 shows in France & that's it. And it's always in places where there can be between 12 000 & 17 000 people not 60 000. I think the writer of the article expresses more his expectations to see the band play at the "Parc Des Princes" than saying the band is planning to do it. So I think we should wait more informations about it.
  2. You forgot to mention they did a show in France, just sayin
  3. Great remix! Loved it. Congrats to the winner!
  4. Congrats to all Argentina fans! Happy for you all! You deserve to see them
  5. Happy for all fans in Netherlands Hope to see other dates announced.
  6. Awesome news!!! Can't wait to hear it
  7. Agree. It's also my bday today so it really sucks. But I would like to say something: it's better for him to leave the band if he doesn't like the direction of the new record of JK than stay on the band & do a music he doesn't like at all.
  8. Gonna be there maybe with a friend. Just need her confirmation
  9. Going to be at the show in Paris (maybe with a friend) but not sure of the time I will be there. Hope to meet other LPL'ers
  10. He went down during "Faint" & he alsmost threw up because of the smell
  11. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the work you do. Hope you had a great day
  12. That's a really great idea to celebrate the creation of the forum It's also great you did that today because DTA has been released in France today.
  13. Same here. I have my finals at the beginning of the month & if I fail, I have a second session so hopefully they will do it between the 2 sessions ^^ If they don't, I will try to find a way to see them, NO WAY I CAN'T lol
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