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  1. I know some guys who have recorded with Rubin has talked bad about him but for me, his track record of good albums and bands who do like his way of producing out weighs it by far.
  2. Biggest issue with MTM for me is the tracklist. They put the songs in an order so each song stood out from each other, but it really hurts the flow of the album. Heavy song, soft song, heavy song... and so on. I feel a re-arrange on the tracklist would help with the album greatly. Here is my take Wake Given Up What I've Done Hands Held High In Pieces No Roads Left No More Sorrow Shadow Of The Day In Between Leave Out All The Rest Bleed It Out The Little Things Give You Away No Valentines Day. My least favorite LP song. No Roads Left is way better and give Mike another so
  3. I do wish they included more songs from the show in Birmingham on OML live. Not just because I was there, but it was chesters last show and the performances from that show were better than some that were included on the album. Sharpe edges, one more light and in particular bleed it out. The last song he ever performed. Almost half the album is just from Amsterdam and Berlin. Or they could have just had one song from a different show to get as many shows in there.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmpSsA1OqxQ Multicam mix of the whole album.
  5. Multicqam mix for Sharp Edges will be done in an hour to two.
  6. How did they actually do this? edit the video and audio of a video already uploaded while keeping it's stats and views the same?
  7. Also, on the trailer it has a soundbite of Chester saying "we have the best fans in the world, I say it all the time because it's fuckin true" though it's censored on the trailer. He actually says that sentence a couple of seconds before Battle Symphony in Birmingham July 6th which might be where Battle Symphony is from on the album. Trailer speech https://youtu.be/pM8U7ESZwFg?t=1m40s Birmingham speech https://youtu.be/LurMLRvd6dI?t=31m37s
  8. I'll get working on the multicam mix and figuring out which show it's from first thing when it's released.
  9. Dont think Jon green is listed as being on the album. I think good goodbye might be from O2 Academy because stormzy comes in to early on the O2 arena show. unless they edit it out.
  10. I figured out Crawling being Berlin by literally playing each show from the europe tour at the same time as the version on One More Light Live until I found the match. Gonna be a bit more difficult for most other tracks since they are played to a click. Gonna try for every song anyway.
  11. Been on here for a while but don't post much. But I would like to add to the conversion in the shoutbox. But I don't have a bar to type in. Don't matter. I need 25 posts to use it.
  12. Does anyone know if there will be info of what song is from what show? I wanna make a multicam video to go with the album but actually using the correct shows. Can't find anything that suggests show info online.