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  1. so, no Blackbirds to whose is asking it
  2. the mixtape is really Dope - I'm not a great Hip-Hop / RnB listner but you seemed to know my tastes. It would be really great a track splitting and the inclusion of Madison. Keep it up, this is gonna be in my mp3 player
  3. That's my contribution Hope you like it ... images are very strong and emotional
  4. LOL sry quoted the wrong message, I was meant to be quoting VavourasLP who asked the cover for the album
  5. source: http://mikeshinoda.com/
  6. Just done my (small ) donation ... the new song is amazingly "new" ... but I still can't get too excited because it's like being hypocrit to me ... thousands of people died and many thousands are suffering so ... I'd like to stay calm and focused on the Relief. Anyway ... the song is magic
  7. nice song, but this sounds awesome live, less in studio thanks chazy boy
  8. lparcshinoda


    I guess it's a pic of Mark pants after a LP show !! That would be surprising fo sure
  9. Dead By Sunrise Live @ Epicenter 2009 Audio rip (mp3, 192 kbp/s) from the Slim Shinoda sorce Crawl Back In Fire My Suffering Direct Links [Right Click -> Save as] PLEASE do not BACKLINK, thanks
  10. I guess that the band had some releasing problem or some disturing fact about this song and its sample and they can't talk about it (maybe because of warner being related to the fact itself) for legal matters.
  11. I think it just has to do with the sampling of another song.
  12. lparcshinoda


    keep waiting LPL is always the best
  13. eheh I know why ... isn't it, Felipe ?
  14. lparcshinoda


    obviously if you wanna do a "LINKIN PARK VIDEO to promote LPlive" I'm ready to work eheh
  15. lparcshinoda


    LPlive t-shirt logo and design ... and then the possibility to buy it .... I'd surely do that if at a nice price. Obviously it should not include too many LINKIN PARK features (for example not to state "linkin park live" and the LP logo but just LPlive and the official LPlive logo or a logo similar to the one from the band). Winner will receive the 1st copy of the shirt with "t-shirt creator" written in it .. and another fun prize ... the others some nice stuff from you. I think it would be nice.
  16. so, it's me that found the song on the wbr server .... how lucky am I guys ? LOL the song was on the wbr server since today I guess ... I was checking wbr server's link at every moment and then after getting REALLY nervous I tryed to check random URLs and, so ... at the 1st try I got the RIGHT url ... what a lucky day ... I need to play bingo NOW !!
  17. countdown will easily expire if you change your system date / time but it keep playing an old track of 2008 tour with chester on it (talking of the touring). guess we'll have to wait WBR to upload it on the bandbuilder server
  18. The "MTM Cycle Best-Of" album of LPPRJKT4 is missing song 11.
  19. in Italy the DVD came out yesterday and I bought it today ... nice CD ( why in the hell they removed wake from the CD !!!?!?!?!?!?!? ) and amazing DVD. Well done LP PS. I confirm that after the end of the credits a new menu gets unlocked with the 3 extra videos of SIB papercut and POA. Good choice in my opinion.
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