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Xero show in 10.08.1997?

Victor Del Porto

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Hi guys


After Mike reveal/spread new flyers for Sunset Strip show in 03.08.2013 (announcing Hybrid Theory and Xero concerts), I decided to search more about Xero shows. I know that LPLive perfoms a amazing work with live stuff of Linkin Park and related acts, but I decided to search more (maybe find some news from that era about the band).


I found infos about a Xero concert in 10.08.1997. To my surprise, this show isn't here, in LP Live 2000 and Earlier. This is a fake?


The information is in a site called Mrs-Shinoda.de.tl. The page about Xero in this site explains about about the discovery of the band and and talks about this show.


See the complete information below (lots of information we already know):


"Xero recorded a four-track cassette sampler in 1997 with another Agoura High acquaintance, Mark Wakefield, as lead vocalist. The tape was released locally in 1997. After garnering attention doing minor shows for friends, the band hooked the opening slot for a System of a Down show at the Los Angeles club ‘The Whisky’. Executives from Zomba Music were at the concert and signed the band to a development deal directly after the concert. The guys realized they had something special on their hands and started to get more serious, sensing they had a future in the music business. Despite their efforts over the next three years, Xero were rejected by every major and independent label in the business. Mark Wakefield left the band to become the manager for "Taproot" and recorded one solo track called "Ground Xero". Chester Bennington took his place in the band and they changed their name into "Hybrid Theory" short after.


XERO was an American Nu-Metal/Hip-Hop band formed in 1996 It included Mark Wakefield, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson and Dave Farrell . The original name they chose was SuperXero but it was revised to Xero. They made just one demo tape, which included the songs "Fuse", "Reading My Eyes", "Stick N' Move" and "Rhinestone". The project floundered and they never achieved much success. After Mark Wakefield left to become the manager for Taproot. The guys played around for fun and started getting attention from friends.


So they set up a show at LA's Whisky and got signed to Zomba Music Publishing their 1st show. They were with the bands: System of a Down and SX-10. Although there are very few recordings available online, there was a brief concert featuring Xero opening for Cypress Hill. Although the main concert hasn't been confirmed, it is at least known that the concert did exist, and with more songs than the original Xero Demo Tape had on it.


The setlist is as follows:


Xero - 10-08-97: Lynus Brook club, L.A.





02-The Team

03-Reading My Eyes

04-Untitled [in The End DEMO]


06-Rhinestone (part two) [stick N Move DEMO]

07-Now I See



Any thoughts? Fake?

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The date is not new, it was also in Omars guide, I have no idea how solid this info even is, it's the only info source I know. The date might be real, or maybe not but that setlist is probably fake. As far as I know the other song names were never confirmed and I think some of the songs didn't even exist back then, like Now I see would be my guess.

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I wonder if that venue even exists lol. I mean you can't find anything about it online besides the Xero show.


EDIT: I even doubt the part about Cypress Hill. Their show is not on setlist.fm and when you look for shows from that time. They played Arenas and Amphitheatres, I highly doubt they played in a small random shithole in LA.

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I was under the impression that all those titles were fanmade, and also, this show was available on YouTube in the past and it was really just a cover band playing those songs live.

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The youtube stuff was made many years afterwards and so shitty that it doesnt even derserve to be mentioned in the same sentence lol.

I understand that, what I'm saying is that didn't that cover band make those titles themselves for the songs? The Team and Explode aren't real Xero demo titles, right?

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Ah yes, that is probably the mentioned Cypress Hill show, not the Lynus Brook one.

my point is - this is the same show. because what are chances for two similar shows, in two different clubs, with the same bands?


SOAD - first album in 1998

SX-10 - first and only album in 2000

Xero - first album in 2000


so all these bands live shows based on demo tapes in 1997, they are not "touring" together.


someone believe they did "California Demo Tour"? lol.

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I understand that, what I'm saying is that didn't that cover band make those titles themselves for the songs? The Team and Explode aren't real Xero demo titles, right?

No idea who old those videos are, can't even find them on youtube right now but I highly doubt that they predate youtube. The setlist is years older and was definitely not made up by this sucky cover band.

The text is kinda sketchy but it als seems to refer to the Whisky show and not Lynus Brook. The LPA wiki states it as a fact and seems to be completely false about the Cypress Hill part.

The setlist as well as the show date might be completely made up. I think if the setlist was real it might have had Pictureboard but the setlist is older than the knowledge about the song.


There is nothing about the venue on the internet, it all leads back to the Xero show. Even venues closed in the early 2000's left tons of traces.

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What the hell is Explode?

"Explode" and "The Team" were said to be demo versions of "Part Of Me" and "Carousel" (respectively) on many Xero biographies. But this information can't be true, because these songs ("Part Of Me" and "Carousel") were written after Mark left the band. Edited by lpliveusername
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Explode and The Team aren't Xero song titles and it's absurd to think that they are.

i'm not saying they are, but why you think that? if you never knew the band have song that called Carousel, you would believe me when i told you that?
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  • 8 years later...

Update 8 years later: Carousel was written with Mark Wakefield. It was on a Xero CD that Jeff Blue has dating from November 17th, 1998. It also includes "Rhinestone" (1998 Version), "Esaul", "Pictureboard", "Fiends", "Stick N Move" (1998 Version), "Slip", "Pointillism" (Mike Shinoda Demo), & "Step Up".

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