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Living Things Remixed EP


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A listing for an EP from Linkin Park has quietly surfaced on a European iTunes Store over the weekend titled "Living Things Remixed" and appears to be scheduled for a digital release on April 12th.


Posted Image


01. Burn It Down (Paul Van Dyk Remix) [8:02]

02. Burn It Down (Paul Van Dyk Radio Edit) (No Rap) [4:02]

03. Burn It Down (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (No Rap) [7:32]

04. Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix) [5:09]

05. Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix Radio Edit) [3:30]

06. Burn It Down (John Reaper Remix) [3:12]

07. Burn It Down (Live Rock Im Park 2012) [4:00]




Source: LPA

Report By: lpplus



Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6 Released On "Burn It Down Remixes"

Tracks 4 & 5 Released On "Castle Of Glass" Single

Track 7 Released Everywhere (DSP, Living Things Australian Tour Edition, & Castle Of Glass iTunes EP)



track 7 it's live track, not belong to the Remixed title. all the tracks already released in the past. once again double text in the cover. <_>

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has no-one else realised that this is a joke by LPA...?


Keeping up with the trend of releasing their singles and EP's with the best Linkin Park tracks their catalogue has to offer, LIVING THINGS Remixed will contain arguably the best tracklist yet. Featuring an impressive selection of remixes that have surfaced and been distributed online over the past year, LIVING THINGS Remixed will contain a total of six remixes, including heavy fan favorites such as "Burn It Down (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (No Rap)", "Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix Radio Edit)" and in this fan's opinion, the best of all the Burn It Down remixes to surface this past year; "Burn It Down (John Reaper Remix)" which will finally see an official release following its place on a supposed Burn It Down DJ Remixes Internal WB CD which appeared online last year. The seventh track on the EP is a live rendition of "Burn It Down (Live at Rock Im Park 2012)" which I can't believe that to date, has only appeared on the LIVING THINGS Australian Tour Edition and the recent Castle of Glass EP.


Much Like all of Linkin Park's releases since the launch of LIVING THINGS last year, I'm sure we can expect an overwhelming amount of promotion and marketing for LIVING THINGS Remixed. An official announcement from Warner Bros. Records and Linkin Park can be expected to be issued later today. LIVING THINGS Remixed will follow successful regional releases such as Powerless, Lost in the Echo, Castle of Glass EP, LIVING THINGS + and many more in a growing list of releases that are heavily promoted and not confusing in the slightest. You won't have to constantly check Amazon, iTunes or the European Warner Catalogue to know if the release date has changed with this, because as always with Linkin Park singles, EP's and regional special editions, it will be announced through all the official Linkin Park channels on release day.


There's no listing for the US as of time of writing, but if you live in Europe this is definitely something you'll want to add to your digital collection. You can view the upcoming release on the European iTunes Store. Unlike every other release this past year, it will become available on the date specified, April 12th, and I'm 100% certain that won't be pushed back or changed. At all.

underlining is all my own

the sarcasm is strong with this one...

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yeah, you'd be able to play the tracks on the page if it was real



EU only, tracks we already have - the whole thing is designed to piss everyone off (particularly US fans)

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I must say, they did a good job making this seem legit. they almost had me :P

like i said in the shoutbox


i can swear that was my first thought, then i looked on the last releases -> no, it's real. lol

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