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Julien-K supporting MSI on their upcoming European tour‏


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Julien-K confirmed as support for MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE in Europe!!!


You have been wondering what all the mystery about JK coming to Russia, Scandinavia, Benelux or France was all about?

Here is your answer!


We are very happy to announce that our good friends from MSI have asked us to join their European mainland tour in October and November!

This means you guys in that countries will finally get a chance to see your favorite band.


Besides playing two shows in countries we have been before, namely France and Holland, we are very happy to enter places like Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark and of course visit our long waiting friends in Russia for the first time.


This means that we will extent the map for Julien-k quite a lot and meet all you guys out there.


Here is a full list of all upcoming European dates!!!


04.10.2012 Hamburg Marx GER

05.10.2012 Berlin K17 GER

07.10.2012 Köln Luxor GER

08.10.2012 Frankfurt Nachtleben GER

09.10.2012 Nürnberg Cult GER

27.10.2012 London Electrowerkz UK

29.10.2012 Paris Bataclan FRANCE

31.10.2012 Amsterdam Melkweg NL

01.11.2012 Hamburg Logo GER

03.11.2012 Oslo John Dee NOR

04.11.2012 Göteborg Brew House SWE

05.11.2012 Kopenhagen Pumpehuset DK

06.11.2012 Stockholm Klubben/Fryshuset SWE

08.11.2012 Helsinki Nosturi FIN

09.11.2012 St.Petersburg ГлавClub RUS

10.11.2012 Moskow Milk RUS


We're not sure yet, if we are able to do meet & greets at the new added shows, but if we can, you will be the first ones to know.



We are very happy and proud that you guys made it possible for Julien-K to reach #14 on the US iTunes Electro charts with the "We're Here With You (Deluxe Edition)" and #18 in Germany.

Your support and words about the Deluxe Edition have been amazing.


There has been a lot of confusion about the booklet on iTunes, as iTunes did not deliver it with the first batch of purchases.

If you ordered the Deluxe Edition and did not get the booklet, please write an email to this address (or simply press reply) and we will send you a copy straight away.


Right now, this is getting repaired by iTunes and it should not happen for any more purchases.

There are still some glitches in how the album is displayed in some countries - it shows only the 4 videos and the booklet - but if you buy this version, you will definately get all 20 tracks, 4 videos and the digital booklet delivered to your computer.

For everybody who has already submitted a review of the album, we would kindly ask to resubmit these to the new version - as iTunes did not carry them over to the corrected version!!!

For everybody else, please keep the reviews and ratings coming, they are very important for the band. Thanks....

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