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05.09.2012 - Tacoma, WA, Tacoma Dome


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The Honda Civic Tour resumes on September 5th at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. Since the three shows in Canada were not a part of the Honda Civic Tour, this will be show number 14 out of 17 on the tour for Linkin Park, Incubus and MUTEMATH. Linkin Park has played in Tacoma twice before and both shows were actually at this exact same venue. The first came on the final date of the Family Values Tour in November 2001 (show page here) and the second was when they headlined the venue in February 2004 on the Meteora World Tour (show page here). Of course, this makes it their third appearance in Tacoma and third at the Tacoma Dome!


At the last show in Vancouver, the band played US Set A again, which has been played at four out of the last six shows by the band. US Set B was played in Edmonton (show page here), but US Set C hasn't appeared since August 25th in Noblesville (show page here) - seven shows ago. Will it return tonight? 'With You' has opened and 'One Step Closer' has closed both shows they've played in Tacoma before, so it'd be an appropriate set for sure. Here's a great video I found of the high-energy 'Points Of Authority' from the Cincinnati show on the tour.



With only four shows left on the Honda Civic Tour, the chances are getting smaller and smaller for Chester to come out with Incubus for a song or for Brandon to come out on a Linkin Park song. Mike Einziger collaborating on 'Bleed It Out' is great...maybe they can get Brandon out there at some point.


Who's going to this show from LPLive?


Just three shows are left after this on the 2012 Honda Civic Tour and they're all in California - Mountain View on the 7th, Carson on the 8th and Chula Vista on the 10th. After that, Linkin Park goes to Mexico for two shows. For the full 2012 tour schedule, click here.


SETLIST: (thanks to Aaron Davey)

01. With You (Game Of Thrones + 2012 Ext. Intro; Ext. Scratch Outro)

02. Faint (Ext. Outro)

03. Given Up (Ext. Outro)


05. Lying From You

06. Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)

07. New Divide


09. Empty Spaces

10. When They Come For Me

11. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' rap; Ext. Outro)

12. Breaking The Habit

13. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)

14. The Catalyst

15. What I've Done


17. In The End

18. Numb (Outro 'Numb/Encore' lyrics tease (Mike))

19. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ 'Sabotage' & Mike Einziger; Ext. Outro)


20. LOST IN THE ECHO (2012 Intro)

21. Papercut

22. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)

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02.09.2012 Edmonton, AB ( Set B )

04.09.2012 Vancouver, BC ( Set A )

05.09.2012 Tacoma, WA ( Set C )

07.09.2012 Mountain View, CA ( Set C )

08.09.2012 Carson, CA ( Set B )

10.09.2012 Chula Vista, CA ( Set B )




Number of times the setlists were played so far:


7 Set A (Mansfield 14/08, Wantagh 15/08, Cincinnati 22/08, Dallas 27/08, Englewood 30/08, Calgary 01/09 and Vancouver 04/09)

5 Set B (Camden 17/08, Alpharetta 19/08, Tinley Park 24/08, Woodlands 28/08 and Edmonton 02/09)

4 Set C (Bristow 11/08, Uncasville 12/08, Auburn Hills 21/08 and Noblesville 25/08)

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They should resume normal rotation now that the Honda Civic Tour is back and they aren't playing festivals. I thought Vancouver would have gotten C.


Tacoma: B

Mountain View: C

Carson: A

Chula Vista: B


That's my guess. I hope Carson gets B or C...I think I like B a little better because of APFMH but C has WTCFM....hmm.

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Aaron Davey is texting me the setlist. US Set C so far.


01. With You (Game Of Thrones + 2012 Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro)

02. Faint (Ext. Outro)

03. Given Up (Ext. Outro)


05. Lying From You

06. Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)


So far.

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i dont think they will play setlist C in carson, because of the intro. they wont pay something for it^^

i dont know that LP is soooo scottish and stingy :P :D

They might have the tv set in Carson. I really hope whatever set it is they play in my remains and lost in the echo I want the set with the most new songs.

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There was a false start on Waiting for the End, and Joe filled the downtime with some scratching and playing the volume swell samples that are normally a part of the song

sounds cool, can't wait to hear that on the DSP


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