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Linkin Park Returns to Argentina Oct 5


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From linkinpark.com:


"We're heading back to Argentina in October. On October 5, we'll be playing at Estadio G.E.B.A. in Buenos Aires. LP Underground members will have access to pre-sale tickets starting tomorrow, August 25 at 10am (local). Join now at http://lpunderground.com/."


Source here.


This will be the band's second show in Argentina. Previously, they kicked off the A Thousand Suns World Tour in Buenos Aires in 2010, debuting a brand new setlist (show page here). This show falls almost two years to the day - October 7, 2010 and October 5, 2012. The Argentina show will be two days before the band heads to Brazil for four shows.


Congrats to the Argentina LP fans! Who's going?

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This time I'm going to Argentina!


Any other countries rumored for the South America tour? Chile? Peru?

At this point I do not think they give a show in Peru if not is in November u_u

We have 2 producers who are interested in bringing them, but as always do not give us more information

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Any other countries rumored for the South America tour? Chile? Peru?

Argentina? I'm surprised but I don't believe in more dates for other countries. We had rumors about a especific date in Argentina for weeks but we don't have for Chile or Peru. It's so close for more negociations. Probably this tour will be 4 dates in Brazil and 1 in Argentina.

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