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List Of All Available SBDs


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I wrote up a new list, I'm not sure if I really caught everything, if there's something missing let me know.

List Of All Available SBDs (with at least one song)

Radio broadcasts / audio only webcasts. This list excludes the DSP sources, official audio releases and audio taken from TV / webcasts.

24.07.2000 Orlando, FL (Webcast)

  • Full Show.

11.01.2001 London, BBC

  • Papercut, Points Of Authority and In The End.

28.05.2001 Washington

  • Full Show.

22.06.2001 Wantagh, NY (Radio)

  • In The End, Crawling and One Step Closer.

23.06.2001 Irvine, CA

  • With You, Runaway, Papercut, Points Of Authority, Crawling, In The End, A Place For My Head, Forgotten and One Step Closer.

14.09.2001 London (Webcast)

  • Full Show

06.12.2001 Seattle, WA (Webcast)

  • Sweet Child O' Mine, One Step Closer and Papercut.

07.12.2001 San Jose, CA (Radio)

  • Full Show.

08.12.2001 Universal City, CA (Radio)

  • With You, Runaway, Papercut, By Myself, Points Of Authority, Step Up, My December, Pushing Me Away and In The End.

09.12.2001 Universal City, CA

  • Full Show.

02.05.2007 London, BBC (Radio)

  • What I've Done, Given Up and Numb.

07.07.2007 Live Earth (Radio)

  • Full Show.

19.07.2007 Inglewood (Webcast)

  • Full Show.

22.08.2007 Clarkston

  • One Step Closer, Lying From You, Somewhere I Belong, Wake, Given Up, Don't Stay, From The Inside, Leave Out All The Rest, Numb, Breaking The Habit, Crawling, Shadow Of The Day, In The End, Bleed It Out, What I've Done and Faint.

07.06.2008 Lisboa (Webcast)

  • Full Show.

07.06.2008 Madrid (Webcast)

  • Full Show.

07.09.2010 Los Angeles, CA

  • Full Show.

12.06.2011 Download Festival (Radio)

  • Jornada Del Muerto, Waiting For The End and Faint.

04.07.2011 London, iTunes Festival

  • Full Show.

05.06.2012 Berlin (Radio)

  • Tinfoil, Faint, Papercut, With You, Given Up, Blackout, Somewhere I Belong, New Divide, Lies Greed Misery, Waiting For The End, Breaking The Habit, LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent, What I've Done, One Step Closer, Burn It Down, In The End, Numb and Bleed It Out.

06.08.2012 North Hollywood

  • Breaking The Habit, Crawling, The Catalyst, Burn It Down, In The End, Numb, Bleed It Out, Lost In The Echo and One Step Closer.

07.06.2014 Rock am Ring

  • Full Show.

19.06.2014 The Hunting Party Release Show

  • Full Show.

19.11.2014 Berlin

  • Full Show.
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Less than a full song..



You're helping me a lot lately. Thank you. :D




Jonas, i removed all the official audio releases since we have separate list for them.


But if you still need the old list it's here:


24.07.2000 Orlando, FL


11.01.2001 London, BBC (official, 3 songs)

24.03.2001 London, Docklands (official, 3 songs)

28.05.2001 Washington

22.06.2001 Wantagh, NY

23.06.2001 Irvine, CA

14.09.2001 London

16.09.2001 London (official, 2 songs)

17.11.2001 Tacoma (official, 1 song)

06.12.2001 Seattle, WA

07.12.2001 San Jose, CA

08.12.2001 Universal City, CA

09.12.2001 Universal City, CA


23.02.2002 San Diego, CA (official, 2 songs)


27.02.2003 Hamburg (official, 1 song)

03.03.2003 Nottingham

11.03.2003 Worchester, MA (official, 1 song)

17.03.2003 Detroit, MI (official, 1 song)

02.08.2003 Houston (official)

03.08.2003 Irving (official)

22.08.2003 Reading (official, 1 song)


06.06.2004 Rock am Ring (official, 1 song)

18.07.2004 West Hollywood, CA (official, 1 song)

13.08.2004 Atlanta, GA (official, 1 song)

18.08.2004 Tampa, FL (official, 1 song)


02.07.2005 Philadelphia (official)


12.08.2006 Osaka (official)

13.08.2006 Tokyo (official)


xx.03.2007 Third Encore

14.03.2007 AOL Sessions

02.05.2007 London, BBC

07.07.2007 Live Earth (official, 1 song)


21.02.2008 SoHo, Apple Store (offical)

07.06.2008 Madrid

29.06.2008 Milton Keynes (official)


07.09.2010 Los Angeles, CA

07.11.2010 Madrid (official)


12.06.2011 Download Festival (radio)

04.07.2011 London, iTunes Festival


iTunes Festival has full audio source, or just the iTunes EP?

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There are a lot of SBD shows missing here. Mostly from 2012 to now.


2012.06.29 (X-Games MUSIC)

2012.09.08 (Carson, CA)

2012.09.12 (MTV World Stage) (This one possibly falls under ''official live release'' because of the DVD.

2012.09.22 (iHeartRadio Music Festival)

2012.11.18 (American Music Awards)

2012.12.07 (VGA 10)

2012.12.08 (KROQ Almost Acoustic X-Mas)

2013.08.10 (Summer Sonic)

2013.11.15 (Shrine Expo Hall) (Steve Aoki show where LP came out, webcast/SBD audio was released)

2013.11.26 (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

2014.01.11 (MFR Concert For The Philippines)

2014.03.21 (UCLA Evening of Environmental Excellence) (Not sure if this was SBD audio)

2014.05.30 (Rock In Rio VI)

2014.06.07 (Rock am Ring)

2014.06.14 (Download ('Hybrid Theory' in full)

2014.06.17 (Los Angeles, CA)

2014.06.18 ('The Hunting Party' Release Show)

2014.07.24 (mtvU Fandom Awards @ Comic-Con)

2014.08.15 (Camden, NJ)

Edited by Geki
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2014.06.07 (Rock am Ring)

2014.06.18 ('The Hunting Party' Release Show)

Add these.

Download Festival and Carson 2012 should be added to the "official live releases".



iTunes Festival has full audio source, or just the iTunes EP?


iTunes EP + Burn It Down single. These are official releases. There's no full audio source.

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