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SDS update from Fu

"Shows added:

Friday April 27 Julien-K will be playing the Viper Room in “fabulous” West Hollywood. For those who haven’t been there, this is a famous little venue on the Sunset Strip. It was formerly owned by Johnny Depp, and also famous for being the site of River Phoenix’ fatal drug overdose. This is a very intimate venue, its going to be a fun, hot and sweaty night. Tickets here. Our good friends and new Circuit Freq Records signing Decode Radio will be supporting.

The next night, Saturday April 28 we head over to the Marquee in Phoenix – well its in Tempe Arizona, to be precise. It’s a double bill with Frank’s other band Street Drum Corpsand, being Phoenix, you never know what special guest might just show up and help us out on a song or 3. Oh, and did I mention SDC are also playing Viper Room, but the stage is too small for a double bill, so they play there Thursday April 26. Its going to be a pretty epic 3 night run for Frank. Who wants to give him a Massage on Sunday? Tickets here.

Lots more shows coming in 2012, we’ll keep you posted!


A few weeks ago we were approached by the Russian band “Mumiy Troll” to do a remix. They have a new album sung entirely in English for the first time in their career and we remixed the song “Hey Tovarish” from that forthcoming release. We thought it was pretty cool material, compatible with our style, and they loved our remix, so maybe there’s a connection for some future touring together. We’ll let you know when the remix comes out.

Speaking of remixes . . . “We’re Here With You Remix EP” just came out on March 13 on Beatport. (Due to Circuit Freq Records’ deal with Beatport, its there exclusively for 4 weeks. After that, on April 10, it will be out on iTunes, Amazon, and all the other digital downloaders.) You can pick up the fantastic Sharooz remix at Gotta Dance Dirty for free. With the exception of Neon Stereo, the re-mixers were all part of the creative process on “We’re Here With You”

There’s also a shit ton more remixes in the pipeline – some that have been handed in so far are amazing. A few are going to be some very unique approaches, including something special for our German fans, but I’m not getting into details now. Patience!

As I write this Amir and I are putting finishing touches on “1000 Years Of Destruction” – a song that didn’t quite fit the vibe of the album, but is gonna be a cool bonus track nonetheless. So . . . TONS of new music still coming out in 2012. Can’t wait!


I must admit, I'm very surprised about the collab with Mumiy Troll.
It's a pretty old band from Russia. They've been on stage from around mid-80's

Probably the most popular their song - Vladivostok 2000, at least for me:

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Hmm $16 isn't bad, also never got to see SDC on PR08 because of the signing booth of Chris Cornell.

Definitely go if you get the chance they're very skilled musicians, though of course you can't compare them to the legendary Cornell. If Chester really does come out I hope they do a few DBS songs, I read here that Ryan said they might :D

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