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Linkin Park wins EMA for Burning In The Skies


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Linkin Park just won an European Music Award at the EMA's 2011 for Burning In The Skies in the category 'Best Rock'. They were also nominated for the category 'Best World Stage' which is going to be presented later. Because Linkin Park couldn't attend in Belfast, they recorded a video in which Mike thanks all the fans and everyone who voted for them.

So what do you think, are they going to win the award for 'Best World Stage' too ?


EDIT: Linkin Park did not win the EMA 2011 for 'Best World Stage', 30 Seconds To Mars just won it. In the promotion video which was showed before the nomination, they showed a snippet of Numb, live at the EMA's 2010 in Madrid.



Source: VIVA (German channel which airs MTV shows) and the MTV EMA 2011 Homepage.

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good lads!

BITS was pretty damn good - may have bee structurally and thematically too much like WID, but still, an award's an award!

glad to see ATS songs being recognised :D

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I like the fact that after a good 10+ years in the 'big leagues', MTV still cant get it right...


Posted Image


Congrats boys!

The only good thing about MTV is Beavis and Butthead. 'nuff said, No where near what it used to be like 20 years back. A former shell of what it was IMO. They suck for Misspelling LP. lol


Edit: ZOMFG 333 Post =D

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Mike shinoda says : hi to all on the world , Im mike from Linkin park we are honored to receive the award for best rock so thank you guys thank you to all our fans around the world , and i hope we see you soon ;)

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Hey Pez did you know Phoenix retweeted your tweet.

Only found out about 1hr ago when I checked my emails. I rarely use twitter and I open my Inbox to see a million twitter emails. Once phoenix re-tweeted it about 100 more people did after haha.


And I was hoping you didnt see me spell congrats wrong. I kinda kicked myself in the nuts with that one.

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