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LPTimes found this supposedly "new" interview today/yesterday. It has some older news but also a few comments by Mike that I haven't seen, so I thought I'd throw it up.


....."I think the reason I did Fort Minor in the first place is because I was stealing those songs that couldn't belong on a Linkin Park record and now I feel like maybe they could," Shinoda said. "We really kind of changed with regards to our creative dynamic, like our in-studio dynamic, things are different now so I feel like if I have any energy that would be Fort Minor energy it kind of be directed onto a Linkin Park album. I think all the guys are really happy with how things are going and we feel like we can do many different things that we couldn't do a few years ago."


Full interview here. (Thanks Jas / LPTimes!)


Mike also talked to Sneaker Freaker Magazine about a pair of his favorite shows. That page can be found here. I actually would like a pair of those shoes, hah! Can anyone find them for sale online anywhere...?


Slow news month but I'm trying to put up a variety of things for you guys so we all don't get bored...

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