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The Requiem

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If anyone remembers, a while back Mike Shinoda said that The Requiem is made up of parts of other songs. Can anyone help me figure out what parts of each song are used?


The Radiance: Synth pad/keyboard after Oppenheimer says "I suppose we all felt that"

Burning In The Skies: "Swooshing" flanger effect in the opening of the song.

Empty Spaces:

When They Come For Me:

Robot Boy: Yelling/screaming from the end of the song

Jornada Del Muerto: Submarine sonar sound effect

Waiting For The End: Piano keys (played in opening and throughout the song)


Wretches And Kings:

Wisdom, Justice, and Love:



The Catalyst: "God save us" lyrics

The Messenger:

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I was actually just thinking about this today... I have no idea what a lot of the parts in the song are coming from. Maybe the ver deaf vocal of Chester screaming at the beginning could be from Blackout? No idea.

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I believe the clip of Chester yelling is from the end of Robot Boy. Some of the droning keyboard parts are the same as the ones in the intro of Blackout (the same sound is also heard for a couple seconds at the end of The Radiance, right before Oppenheimer says "I suppose we all felt that").


The flanger effect could actually be from either Burning in the Skies or Iridescent, the guitar during the gang vocal part of Iridescent has the same effect on it.

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The Requiem - Part of lyric from the Catalyst ............... God Save us !!

The Radiance - chester part from the catalyst ... note (Live Version)

Fallout - lyric from burning in the skies ... I'm losing what I don't deserve

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Empty Spaces - The Emptiness.

There might be one cricket chirp with flanger and tremolo on it, with the volume turned way down, but we will never know :D



Lol I thought the bit at the end of 'The Requiem' was the same as the part at the end of 'Don't Stay' where he says "more" or something along those lines.

At the end of The Requiem you hear a countdown "five, four, three, two"

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