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Some of you guys may have already heard about this old site back in the day?


If that's the case, well the owner of the site is finally getting his head round to things!


We will be updating the server, site design/theme and the important thing, daily news.


With the site re-launch we will also be giving you guys an Site & Twitter Give-away contest


As well as an Exclusive Download to keep things rolling.



In the mean time you guys could follow us over @LPFUS3 to be updated,


on when the site will re-launch with all of those things mentioned above!


As you may know I am not the owner of the website but I will be posting the news.


Just thought I would give you guys the heads up and hope to see you all over there





Thanks very much for taking the time to do so!

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Well, great news.


Since my first days as a Linkin Park fan, I always admired 3 fan websites: LPA, LPTimes and LPFuse.

LPLive wasn't around at that time :P


I'm glad it's gonna come back.

Really? Awesome! Yeah I stick to LPT, LPA & LPL now. LOL

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I remember LPFuse. I used to visit it prior to MTM but it wen dead. Good to see it making a come back.


Yes! I remember LPfuse. The old LP sites I used to look at back in the day 2003-2005 were





Would be good to see you guys over there when it's re-done!

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cool that LPFuse "reborn". I often look at this site.

I look back LPLive (of course: D), LPFuse, rarely LPAssociation and LPZion (Polish fansite).



Yeah LPFuse was the site for the HT Demo tracks thanks to them I got my hands on these high Quality mp3's, pretty informative back in the day but rally slowed down the last couple of year, glad it's being brought back up.

Oh was that you from LPA that mode those even higher rips?

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